Rafael Amaya talks about his addictions for the first time and reveals what his relationship with Julio César is like

Rafael Amaya reappeared at a public event with the singer Roberto Tapia, after being admitted last year to one of the rehabilitation clinics in Julio Cesar Chavez for his problems with addictions and He talked about how complicated the recovery process has been.

In an interview for the program ‘Suelta la Sopa’, was asked about how he will avoid falling back into excesses now that he’s back on stage with his show ‘The Compadres‘and this is what he replied:

“With temperance, a lot of faith and obviously having a lot of strength, but the main objective is to work with friends, with people that I know are trustworthy and with family,” he mentioned.

He also confessed that his life changed completely when he recognized that he had a problem.

“Everyone supported me as soon as I accepted that I had an addiction and I no longer resisted receiving help”Declared the protagonist of ‘The Lord of the Skies’.

On his relationship with former world boxing champion, Julio César Chávez, he said: “I thank you very much for your help and support to him, and to all his family, his children. And I really am very grateful for everything he arranged in my life, ”he stressed.

And he addressed the issue of whether he left his rehabilitation process half-way, as mentioned a few months ago in some media, ensuring that due to the confinement the meetings he has by the rehabilitation center are virtual.

Finally, Amaya is expected to reveal the details of the new projects that she will carry out on the small screen, since He promised his followers to return to television and resume his acting career.

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