Rafael Amaya reappears in networks after overcoming addictions

“Many people classified me as they wanted me to be, in some way I have always liked to look good and give people pleasure in terms of how I look […] Little by little I started with alcohol, then with other substances and I was sinking, “he explained to the publication.

Rafael Amaya and Karem Guedimin

Rafael Amaya and Karem Guedimin (Instagram / karemguedimin)

He said that he came to belittle his loved ones for not being “at their level”: “Good friends are always there, but since they did not drink, nor were they at the party, nor did they have luxurious cars, or yachts, or anything, I thought They weren’t on my level. Imagine the bullshit I was thinking about. “

Rafael was in rehabilitation and acknowledged that he is aware that his illness will have to treat her for life: “I keep going to meetings, but I am finishing my process. This is for life. It was a four-month treatment and I am very grateful, happy” .

However, Julio César Chávez revealed at the beginning of February, in El Gordo and La Flaca, that Amaya has not attended the meetings: “He needs to keep going to talks, if he relapses or not, don’t ask why. Do you understand? Why don’t you go to your meetings “.

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