Rafael Amaya could return to star in the ‘Lord of the skies’

“We are in that, we are preparing a good eighth season, we are in negotiations and we are going to see what happens,” he commented to the surprise of his fans who questioned him about what will happen to his career and his participation in the television project.

Rafael Amaya (Instagram / rafaelamayanunez)

The actor, who has more than two and a half million followers on the famous social network, acknowledged that he has several job proposals on various sides, but there have also been many positive changes in his life and he wants to choose them well. “You have to think about them with your soul,” he acknowledged.

“Now what I want is to work with friends, with family and with the people who have been with me through thick and thin,” said Amaya, who is resuming her life and career after leaving the rehabilitation clinic a few months ago. due to his problem with drugs and alcohol.