Rafael Amaya announces his new series on Telemundo

. Actor Rafael Amaya joins the cast of the series “Malverde: El Santo Patron”.

Months after leaving a rehabilitation center for his addiction problems, Rafael Amaya provided exclusive details about his new project on Telemundo. The Mexican actor is preparing for his great return to melodramas after two years away from the acting industry.

In a recent participation in the morning show “Hoy Día” on Telemundo, Amaya confirmed that she will join the cast of the series “Malverde: El Santo Patrón” that is scheduled to premiere in 2021.

“I feel very happy and grateful to Telemundo for this opportunity and for being in good projects. Now I am going to be in ‘Malverde’ making a short special participation ”, affirmed the 44-year-old interpreter.

When referring to his character in Telemundo’s new dramatic bet, Rafael Amaya mentioned that he will play a “bandit” named Teo.

Amaya had been away from melodramas after concluding his participation in the seventh season of the series “El Señor de los Cielos” in 2019. Currently, the star signed an important contract with Telemundo to be part of multiple projects in the exclusive television network.

What is Rafael Amaya’s new project about?


Rafael Amaya will have a role in Malverde: The Patron Saint | todayDay | Telemundo After two years of absence from the artistic world, Rafael Amaya will return to the Telemundo forums to have a special participation in Malverde’s next series: El Santo Patrón, and he himself tells the details of his character. Download our App: YouTube: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: instagram .com / hoydia / SUBSCRIBE:… 2021-06-11T16: 12: 43Z

Rafael Amaya is one of the talented actors who will make special appearances in “Malverde: El Santo Patrón”, the first period series to be broadcast on Telemundo.

The television project tells the story of Jesús Malverde, “a man who through his ingenuity, charm and courage, will manage to become a legend of the times of the Mexican Revolution.”

The cast of “Malverde: El Santo Patron” is made up of personalities such as Pedro Fernández, Carolina Miranda, Mark Tacher, Alejandro Nones, Luis Felipe Tovar and Isabella Castillo.

The new Telemundo television series was written by Luis Zelkowicz, known for such hits as “El Señor de los Cielos”, “El Chema” and “Una maid en Manhattan”.

Why was Rafael Amaya removed from public life?

After concluding his participation in the seventh season of the series “El Señor de los Cielos”, Rafael Amaya withdrew from public life as a result of his dependence on alcohol and drugs, a difficult stage in his personal life that forced him to enter to a rehabilitation center in Mexico to receive the necessary medical attention.

“I lost my inner peace, the love I had for my family, for my work. Little by little I was immersed in the dark mud of alcohol and drugs, living all the possible excesses that have been and have been, ”said Amaya in an interview with People en Español when referring to her addictions.

In a recent interview on Telemundo’s ‘Hoy Día’, the Mexican actor admitted that the difficulties he experienced in his personal life helped him to be reborn to take charge of the present: “Today it makes me stronger, today I am born and rise from the ashes. Here I am back ”.

“I was wrong and the good thing is that there were people who could help me, who could get me out of that hole and out of the abyss. I’m making changes in my life and I’m very happy, ”Rafael Amaya pointed out in his appearance on the Telemundo television show.

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