Rafa Nadal: “The script was not lame today”

Taking advantage of the presentation of your documentary, Rafael Nadal He was at his Academy this morning and appeared before the media for the first time since he had to get off the remainder of the 2021 season and have undergone treatment on his left foot. He reappeared the other day on crutches and today, he commented on where he is. Not where he would like, but willing to go the way that is necessary to be on track as soon as possible.

One of his boys, Dani Rincón, won the US Open Junior

Seeing a success by one of our boys, like Dani, is a reason for happiness. It is a triumph of his, mainly, because he has been the one who has worked on it, but also of the team behind it. Tennis is an individual sport, but nowadays it is also a team sport because there is a great team behind everything.

How are you?

I’ve been better, but I’m fine. A little sore from the foot. It is a time that is a bit complicated on a personal and professional level, but, honestly, with the illusion of improving and facing a process that is going to be difficult and painful at some point but that I have to go through to get back in a position to fight for what I want. I am determined to do it.

This was not in the script

The script was playing at Wimbledon, the Olympics or the US Open. In the script was not being lame today (laughs). I’ve been lame for a few days. But the scripts are not to be followed to the letter. You have to adapt and accept things as they come. Fantastic things have happened to me, bigger things than I would have ever dreamed of, and also more complicated moments in the form of injuries, but within what is possible I have always had a way to get ahead. Over the years, one must be realistic and things are more complicated because the clock is ticking, but I am positive and I appreciate how lucky I am to be able to experience this kind of thing.

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