Rafa Nadal plays the Masters of the ‘tijeretazo’

Rafael Nadal he is still alive in his goal of conquering the Masters for the first time in his career. The Manacoan tennis player stumbled against Dominic Thiem in their second match at the 02 London Arena, But the round-robin format gives him the possibility of accessing the semifinals if he wins the current champion this Thursday, Stefanos Tsitsipas. Rafa can still win the Masters but if he did, he would do so with a much lower economic prize than the one won by the last winners in the Masters Cup.

The ATP Finals ‘prize money’ specifies an amount for the winner that is significantly lower than that stipulated for 2019. As it is, last season Stefanos Tsitsipas was made with 2.4 million euros for his victory in the masters tournament, an amount that could have risen to 2.6 million if he had won the title as an undefeated tennis player. In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has affected a tournament that has seen reduced your prize money by 50%, endowing the Unbeaten winner of a prize of 1.32 million euros.

Nadal could no longer win the top prize of the 2020 edition, that again considers the champion in a superior way in case he wins in all the matches of the tournament. Rafa fell to Thiem in a battle with epic overtones and decided in two tie-breaks, so he already ‘only’ could be eligible for an economic prize of 1.18 million euros, an important amount but that loses in comparison with the prize of past editions.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced a decrease in prize money at ATP Finals, the main tournament to save by the organizers of the circuit at the time of restructuring the calendar. London was a fixed date but I had to pay a toll, logical if we attend to the absence of public, which has resulted in awards. The winners lose a significant percentage of their usual income, but the rest of the figures have also suffered.

A title that weighs much more than money

According to the official page of the event, the participation fee is $ 153,000, identical to the one a tennis player will take for each game won in the group stage. Winning in the semifinal is $ 402,000, and the final a total of $ 550,000, which added to the previous victories would give a prize of more than one million euros for the winner, whether or not undefeated.

Nadal’s goal, money aside, remains very much alive. The manacorense curdled a outstanding performance against Andrey Rublev At his premiere in London and against Thiem, despite the defeat, he found himself well and fought face to face with the extreme inspiration of the Austrian tennis player. Rafa assured at a press conference that the sensations were good, and that the assault on the only great title that is missing from its record continues on the scheduled path.