Rafa Nadal, a round record: 800 consecutive weeks without leaving the top-10

Rafael Nadal reach this monday 800 consecutive weeks staying among the ten best tennis players in the world. The Spaniard entered the top 10 of the ATP on April 25, 2005 and since then he has never lost that condition: more than half of that time he has been between the top two. Every time it moves away more than the 789 weeks of Jimmy Connors, record that could only surpass that of Manacor.

The countdown to see Rafael Nadal The competition has started again – on February 1 he will officially debut in the ATP Cup 2021 – but even when he is off the track, the Spaniard is capable of setting new records. Since this Monday, Nadal can already boast of having remained 800 consecutive weeks in the top ten of the circuit, without ever going down from the tenth place.

The Spaniard entered the top 10 on April 25, 2005, a month before winning his first Roland Garros and since then he has not stopped being among the top ten steps of the ranking. Only a period marked by injuries has conditioned its presence among the best rackets on the circuit, but the 71% of this period – about 570 weeks – Nadal has occupied either number one or number two in the ATP.

Nadal broke the record he held for a long time Jimmy Connors with his 789 consecutive weeks Without abandoning the top -10 of the ATP and now the Spanish has already put the round figure of 800 weeks, a record that will continue to increase at this start of the season.

The evolution in Nadal’s ranking

According to the data provided by the website of the ATP, of the 800 consecutive weeks that Nadal has remained among the top ten tennis players, 209 has done it as number one and 361 as number two. As number three he has remained 57 weeks, 54 as the fourth racket and 66 as the fifth. For just 54 weeks it has remained between the 6th and 10th positions since April 2005.

These numbers give a good account of the regularity of Rafa Nadal throughout his career, being able to remain among the best in the world for more than 15 years.

Regardless of whether its presence among the top ten in the world is in consecutive weeks, the one that has remained in the top 10 for the longest throughout history is Roger Federer, 928 weeks old. The Swiss tennis player is followed Jimmy Connors, with 816– of which 779 were consecutive-, and Nadal is the third, with 800 weeks and the peculiarity that all were consecutively. Novak Djokovic He is currently sixth among the players who have been in the top ten for the longest time, with 665 weeks for the Serbian.