Radiant! Natti Natasha shows off her cute pregnant belly

Radiant!  Natti Natasha shows off her beautiful pregnant belly (AP)

Radiant! Natti Natasha shows off her cute pregnant belly | AP

After the announcement of her first pregnancy, the Dominican singer Natti Natasha shared some tender Photographs how he looks with his beauty tummy And to tell the truth, he looks more radiant and happy than ever, because you can see happiness in his eyes.

There is no doubt that the artist Natti Natasha had this tender news very well kept and during the Lo Nuestro Awards 2021 she announced that she is waiting first son with producer Raphy Pina.

It is worth mentioning that the rumor about his pregnancy circulated for several weeks, however, the singer had not confirmed anything.

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But the artist said on her Instagram account that it would be a very “special” day in which she would reveal a very big and excellent surprise.

The revelation of Natti Natasha’s pregnancy came at the same time as the publication of an exclusive interview for People en Español where, in addition, she stars in a beautiful photographic report showing off her pregnancy.

Today I celebrate with you twice, The gift of my fans around the world and the HUGE blessing that God has given me to be a mother with a man I love! “, Natti wrote in the publication.


And it is undoubtedly that the news about Natti Natasha’s pregnancy surprised all her admirers, since she had not shown any sign and knew how to hide her sweep for several months.

In this interview, the artist, who has been in a love relationship for more than a year with her manager, Raphy Pina, told how she made the decision to have a son in full professional success.

I spoke with my partner Rafael and I told him: ‘The years continue to pass, I know that work is very important … but at this moment the biological clock does not stop’ “.

However, this has not been an easy process at all, since in 2007 Natti Natasha had to undergo surgery to remove a fallopian tube and that is something that has affected her chances of becoming pregnant .

When I did the exam, the doctor told me: “No matter how hard you try to get pregnant naturally, it won’t be possible. So he told me that the next step was to do the in vitro insemination treatment,” he told People en Español .

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This is how he also reported that he could take three to four injections of hormones every night and a week he had gained almost 18 pounds, he could not even bend his arms.

Hormones drive you crazy; you don’t know whether to laugh, cry. But I did not care. I was happy because I was doing it. “

Unfortunately none of that worked, well Natti Natasha she couldn’t get pregnant and finally the doctor was very clear with her.

You cannot have children. It gave me depression, I didn’t want to see anyone, I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I felt like a total failure as a woman, “she confesses.

Given the doctor’s answer, the artist considered adopting or trying another treatment, but, not being clear about what to do, she chose to continue with her musical career until making a decision and that was when the miracle happened.

We were in Puerto Rico. One day we went to do Jetski. I started to feel pain in my back. I kept quiet because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s weekend. I had a Tylenol, “says Natasha.

And after visiting a doctor to see what was wrong with her, she received the best of news, finally and after so much struggle, she was going to be a mother.

The next morning, Raphy is called directly by the doctor. He stands to one side with his cell phone, opens his eyes and says: ‘You are pregnant,’ “he remembers.

The photographs taken for the new edition of People in Spanish were shared a day ago and so far it already has more than 4 million likes and endless comments from its followers who wish it the best for this new stage they are living.