Racist insults Oliva Shyllon’s player in Benifair

The Racist insults uttered against a UD Oliva player in the Benifairó-Oliva match have generated a collective rejection since the City Council of the town, as well as the local club, carried out yesterday an act of rejection against what happened under the slogan “The people of Benifairó cannot tolerate that a few dirty the name of the municipality and of the EU Benifairó “.

Apparently, with the party behind closed doors due to COVID restrictions, a score of fans allegedly from the local team climbed on the fence yy they took it with Shyllon shouting “Spain is not a zoo, get out of here!”, “Monkey son of a bitch!” or “black”, although another of his companions was also the victim of insults and ridicule because of the color of his skin.

The local club has encouraged the local fans to identify the culprits of what happened (which apparently also damaged one of the perimeter fences) threatening even the possibility of taking generalized measures if those responsible are not found.