Racing Valverdeño receives Calamonte on matchday eight

05/15/2021 at 6:02 PM CEST

In one more day, the eighth of the Second Phase of the Third Division, they will fight for a positive result on Racing Valverdeño and the Calamonte.

The Racing Valverdeño comes to the eighth game with the intention of improving his performance in the competition after having drawn 0-0 against the Chinato in his last game. Since the beginning of the competition, the locals have won in one of the seven games played so far in the Second Phase of the Third Division, with 19 goals for and 42 against.

Regarding the visiting squad, the Calamonte could not cope with the Trujillo in his last game (0-3), so he hopes to end his losing streak and redirect his career in the championship. To date, of the seven games the team has played in the Second Phase of the Third Division, it has won one of them with 29 goals in favor and 34 against.

As a local, the Racing Valverdeño they have a record of one win and two losses in three games played in their stadium, so they are a weak team at home, where the visitors have more chances than expected. In the role of visitor, the Calamonte He has a balance of one defeat and two draws in three games he has played so far, which are figures that do not show an excessively optimistic balance for the game that will measure him with him. Racing Valverdeño.

In the past there have been other confrontations between both rivals and the results are of a defeat in favor of the Racing Valverdeño. The last time they faced the Racing Valverdeño and the Calamonte in this tournament it was in December 2019 and the match ended with a 2-0 result in favor of Calamonte.

Currently, between Racing Valverdeño and the Calamonte there is a difference of five points in the ranking. At this time, the Racing Valverdeño it has 25 points and is in seventh position. For their part, the visitors have 30 points and occupy the fourth position in the tournament.

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