Racing Point claims Stroll’s front wing was damaged during the race

The irregular performance of Lance Stroll during the Canadian Grand Prix already has an explanation: damage to the front wing of Racing Point # 18 led to the appearance of a marked level of graining in the tires.

The truth is Lance Stroll starred in a rather strange Turkish Grand Prix, since during the first half of it he was able to dominate under difficult conditions and even managed to get a 10-second advantage over his teammate.

Instead, this difference gradually faded from lap 20 and the Canadian ended up losing the lead of the race when he pitted for the second time to set up a new set of intermissions. The cause was the graining of the first game of intermediates, a circumstance that was repeated in the second and that ended up relegating Stroll to ninth position.

“One of the vertical profiles at the bottom of the front wing came loose and caused a significant loss of downforce”

Now, Racing Point has issued a statement through its official Twitter account, claiming to have found the cause of the Stroll performance slump, who the day before had achieved the first pole of his career in Formula 1.

“Lance reported poor tire performance, significant understeer and graining from lap 17 of the race (N. a. A: on lap 18 he took his maximum lead, 10.425 seconds over Pérez),” the team explains. «Stopping in search of a new intermediate game on lap 36 did not solve the problem and the granulation became even more severe. ‘

Front wing

The cause of the Stroll performance change was graining caused by a damaged front wing, which subtracted downforce and it demanded more than the account to the tires, although the cause of said damages has not been clarified.

“One of the vertical profiles at the bottom of the front wing came loose and lodged in such a way that the blockage caused a significant loss of front downforce,” says Racing Point. “The resulting loss of frontal downforce contributed to increased levels of graining”.

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“During the race, the data confirmed that there was a significant loss of front downforce,” continues the British team. “But with no visible damage to the upper part of the front wing, combined with the low grip conditions, it was difficult to confirm whether the data was correct.. It was only after the race, when the car was returned to the garage, that the damage and blockage at the bottom of the front wing were discovered, ”Racing Point concludes.

Finally, Sergio Pérez entered the finish line second, with Lance Stroll ninth and more than 40 seconds behind the Mexican driver.