Pérez: “I want to get back on track, hopefully this weekend”

Stroll: “The times of the whole world will be very even”

Racing Point faces a new race, aware that Spain is a place where the differences between teams can increase if their rivals get the updates right. However, they are determined to score the maximum number of points and hope to do so this weekend with Sergio Pérez.

Serg perez (8th):

“Barcelona really puts the characteristics of your car to the test. If you’re fast in Barcelona, ​​you can be fast anywhere, that’s what makes it a good place to hold pre-season tests, but obviously we have different challenges and different conditions in a race weekend compared to the tests. ”

“This is where most teams bring their car updates and that can affect your performance compared to your rivals.”

“I definitely feel the support from the local fans. It motivates you a lot and I’m very grateful for that. Plus, they always make me feel at home. It’s a shame the fans can’t be there this weekend, but I hope they enjoy following the action from home “.

“First of all, I am very lucky to have only had mild symptoms, I have been able to continue training to make sure I am ready to get back behind the wheel of the car. I am delighted that I had my tablet with me to keep me entertained too! I definitely miss it! I miss the races and it was hard to stay out and watch them from here. I’m looking forward to getting back on track, hopefully this weekend. ”

Lance Stroll (7th):

“I know Barcelona very well. It’s a great place to visit. The weather is always impressive, the food is incredible and you have beautiful beaches too. Obviously we won’t be able to explore as usual, but hopefully we can have fun on the track to make up for it.”

“We always rack up a lot of miles between the weekend and the preseason tests! It is definitely a family circuit and that means that everyone’s times will be very even. It’s about squeezing every last decade out of yourself and out of the pack. to get a good result. ”

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