Stroll: “We can expect a good number of points here too”

Pérez: “The best is yet to come”

Racing Point runs at home this weekend amid controversy following Renault’s claims in Austria and Hungary that are expected to be resolved in the coming days. In the purely sporty aspect, Silverstone’s have shown superior performance to teams like Ferrari and despite the various conditions that have been in the first three races they fight to lead the middle zone and even snatch some points from Red Bull.

Lance Stroll (8th in the World Cup):

“It is great for the race team to race here because it means they can stay home and there are fewer trips, which is a plus considering we have just had three races in a row and the new 2020 schedule is pretty busy. It is also the race for home for the entire team, so that gives everyone a boost to get it right. ”

“We definitely miss the fans everywhere we go, but the British are very enthusiastic and very car-like. It makes Silverstone feel like the heart of Formula 1 and you really feel it every time you you run in front of them. It’s a shame we won’t experience it this time, but we will try to put on a good show for those who are watching us at home. ”

“It is promising that we have been able to start the first three races of the year on the right foot and show our rhythm. We have raced on two very different tracks in Austria and Hungary and we have been strong in both. That gives us confidence for the races coming and we can expect quite a few points here as well. ”

Sergio Perez (6th in the World Cup):

“It always makes me proud to race at Silverstone. Knowing that I am driving a car that nearly 500 people have helped design and build at the factory across the road gives me an extra motivation to do well as thanks to everyone. team. It can be quite emotional for us. ”

“We will definitely miss the fans here. They are some of the most knowledgeable in Formula 1. Some even remember when I drove here in lower categories. We miss the fans in every race, but the passion of the British is really incredible, so it will be very rare. ”

“It’s great to be up there fighting to the front again. We had a difficult 2019 and this shows that all the hard work we did in winter to correct it was worth it. We have made a good start, but I think it is possible to do even better. We have I’ve had some bad luck so far and the best is yet to come. ”

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