Pérez: “Here you have to be precise and make sure that the laps are perfect”

Stroll: “Austria is like a karting circuit, every tenth plays a key role”

Racing Point is ready to start again this 2020 season in which they have high hopes. Those of Silverstone arrive in Austria with an RP20 that, in addition to generating great controversy, was one of the biggest surprises of the tests. Sergio Pérez and Lance Stroll hope to start this season well and lead the middle zone on a circuit where mistakes can be paid dearly.

Sergio Perez:

“I ran in Austria for the first time in 2014. I haven’t spent as much time off-piste there as I would like, but it is a place I really enjoy when I visit. It is a unique place with beautiful scenery. It is also the home race for BWT, who have been very supportive of us over the years, so it is very important to have a good race. ”

“It is quite a challenging circuit, really. The lap is very short and each corner is complicated, so you have to be precise and make sure that each lap you make is perfect. It is quite different from most circuits we have on the calendar. Because there is more pressure when it comes to playing it all in one lap. The third corner is one of the biggest challenges, it is one that I enjoy the most. ”

Lance Stroll:

“Austria is an amazing circuit, it is like a second home for me. It is in the mountains and I am definitely a mountain boy. I really like skiing and also being outdoors, and there you can be in the fresh air and enjoy all the spectacular landscapes there are. I love traveling there. ”

“It is a short and technical circuit, it is nice, but it also makes you very tight at all times. The qualifying lap is just over a minute, so each corner must be taken correctly. In that sense it’s like a karting circuit, every detail of the lap and every tenth of a second can play a key role. One tenth can make a difference of two or three positions on the starting grid, and that makes it really exciting. ”

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