Pérez: “It has been a promising day, we continue to learn things from our car”

Stroll: “I think we are in a good position”

Racing Point has had a great Friday at the Red Bull Ring and they have once again shown that they are the revelation of what we have been doing in the 2020 season. Silverstone’s men were the fastest in the first session with Sergio Pérez and they have signed a double Top 5 in both training sessions alongside the Mexican and Lance Stroll. Without a doubt a good first day of action, which they hope will be of great help in the face of the unpredictable classification that may be tomorrow.

Sergio Perez (1st / 3rd):

“It has been a promising day, in which we have continued to learn things from our car, and that is a very positive thing. We have explored the areas where we could improve and find even more performance. There is the very tight thing in the upper area, But we have shown that our two cars can be in the fight for points, just like last week. Obviously, it can rain tomorrow, so we will have to wait to see what happens in qualifying. ”

Lance Stroll (5th / 4th):

“It was a good day and I am happy with the car, we seem quite competitive. It is a unique circumstance to race twice on the same circuit, but it seems that it is a track that we are quite good at. It is still early, but we hope that This Friday, do not continue helping to improve our car and have new ideas to get more prepared for this race. Now we have to wait and see what happens with the weather for tomorrow in the classification, but I think we are in a good position. ”

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