Racing One wants to race an Aston Martin Vantage GT3 in the DTM

Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren are the five GT3 manufacturers that have already secured their presence in the DTM thanks to the projects confirmed to date. A list that can grow in the near future and incorporate Porsche or Lamborghini, but also Aston Martin. In fact, Racing One is negotiating with the British firm to line up an Aston Martin Vantage GT3 in the German series in 2021. The team boss himself, Martin Kohlhaas, has been commissioned to confirm that he is in discussions with the Gaydon manufacturer to start a GT3 program in the DTM.

The team wants to give a new nuance to its sports project leaving aside his commitment to the Nürburgring Endurance Series (NLS) and the 24H Series, two events in which he competes with Ferrari machinery. And the DTM offers a very interesting format for the structure if you can get hold of an Aston Martin Vantage GT3 for a reasonable price. A project that would allow the British firm to return to the DTM following the closure of the R-Motorsport project with the Aston Martin Vantage DTM at the end of the 2019 season. Furthermore, Racing One does not rule out competing in the DTM Trophy if it has a presence in the DTM itself.

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Regarding this project, Martin Kohlhaas has assured: «Aston Martin could perhaps support us more, since they do not have a strong presence in Germany. Nevertheless, the DTM subject is incredibly difficult. We are not an Aston team and this puzzle is difficult to shape. In the end, we are like other teams and the choice is between the DTM and the GT World Challenge Europe. If I don’t have a definite schedule at the end of February, then I will have a lot of work to put our cars elsewhere. I have to close any project at the beginning of March at the latest».