After the apparent dismantling of the ¨Tano Spinelli team, today the feminine present of Racing shows a commitment to the future. That was highlighted by the players, ensuring that conversations with the leadership left behind the pending and uncertainty and were happy with the signing of long-term agreements.

¨ I am very happy to sign a contract for so long, that gives you enormous stability to continue growing. I am privileged, very few players have this possibility, « said Luciana Bacci, who extends her bond until December 2022 and added: » Don’t hesitate for a second, I don’t want to leave Racing, I’m very comfortable.  »

Romero, captain of the team, was in consonance with her partner but highlighted her talk with Víctor Blanco: “for women’s football to really grow, it takes someone who wants it. Not journalists, but leaderships. That is going to make it grow and have opportunities. ”

Asked about the departure of the attacking duo of Milagros Menéndez and Belén Spenig, they regretted the losses for what they contributed to the team but highlighted their joy for the future of both. They assured that no matter how many pieces go, the game will not change, nor will it suffer. On the end of these contracts and the income that the club could have earned, the captain emphasized: “Their contract said nothing. They were released, so they also left and the club did not pay anything. Something that you have to start thinking about in the future so that the feminine woman also gains and grows ”.

In this difficult context experienced by national athletes, footballers are not far behind. The plan to face this break has guided training and a sports psychologist that will resume from next Monday. The realities of both are different, Luciana from Rosario did not stop a day and can train double shifts in a gym, while Florencia, trains at home and looks forward to returning to the game.

The players who renewed their contract in Racing
Eight players from the last squad renewed contracts with the club. They are Florencia Romero (captain), Rocío Díaz and Natalie Juncos (they were extended until December 2021). While Milagros Otazú, Eugenia Nardone and Luciana Bacci, they did it for 30 months (December 2022). In turn, Estefanía Piazza and Fiamma Romero have contracts in force until June 2021.