Rachel Zegler: the Latin actress confirmed to star in ‘Snow White’ in the live-action version

A Latin actress has been chosen to star in the new version of ‘Snow White’.

Will be Rachel zegler, 20 years old and of Colombian roots, who will play the Disney princess in the next live-action movie that the company is preparing.

Through your Instagram account, the young woman confirmed her leading role writing: “Hello to a dream come true.”

And in a very cute gesture, she also shared a video on Twitter of the moment she met the animated character at an amusement park when she was little. “Girl from home, we have a LOT of things to catch up on,” the post says.

The film is posed as a remake of the 1937 animation, which originally It is inspired by the tales of the Brothers Grimm, but according to US media such as Deadline, this new version will modify the story and the musical part a bit.

The new tape of one of the most remembered princesses, will be directed by Marc Webb and it is part of Disney’s strategy to recreate its animated classics with real people.

Finally, the movie It will be released in December 2021 and in it we can find the participation of other stars such as Ansel Elgort and Rita Moreno, as reported on the Deadline site.

‘Snow White’ It was the first Disney house film released in 1937; It opened the doors to many other productions, and it also started the success of the most powerful entertainment company in the world.

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