Rachel Legrain-Trapani and Valentin Leonard have just passed a new milestone! The parents of Andrea, born July 7, 2020, have decided to invest in a second home, in Spain. The handsome influencer made this revelation and a little tour of the owner.

Monday July 27, 2020, in the story of his Instagram account, the handsome kid has published several videos. In the first, he can be seen signing papers and getting the keys to his new property. In another, he celebrates it with a friend over a good glass of rosé. Then, the young dad goes to the residence in which he bought an apartment and reveals some images of his condominium. “Rachel Legrain-Trapani, welcome to our new second home,” he wrote. The couple invested in a large building that welcomes many vacationers. A typical Spanish vacation rental building. This is particularly modern and has a swimming pool. According to the location where the model geolocated when he celebrated this purchase with his friend, the property is located not far from Fenals beach in Lloret de MAR, a town which is just over an hour away of Barcelona.

This good news for the couple is accompanied by another: the dad will very soon find his son as he announced in another Instagram post. “J-3”, he wrote on Sunday. A reunion with his baby that will do him good, because the businessman was forced to leave him shortly after his birth. A distance that has also been widely criticized. Far from letting it go, he had also replied on Instagram: “I will repeat it once more. First, you can imagine that, if I could, I would be with Rachel and my son. reassure, it is not a piece of pleasure to leave my son a week after his birth. You know, when you have been creating a business for more than ten years now, that you are suffering the full force of the Covid crisis and that you are independent, that is, when you are not working, you just do not earn money … Then you will forgive me for thinking about the future of my family and my son as well. “