“Race to forget because of a curve, it’s frustrating”

Before being summoned Alonso and Vettel –then the notification came to Bottas and Sainz– in Race Direction at the Red Bull Ring Fernando Alonso was very upset to the DAZN microphones with the incident that cost him a good position on the grid for a race with difficult overtaking.

“It does not matter a bit what happens with him (Vettel), they will only penalize him and that does not solve anything because for us it was to start 5th or 6th, our best classification of the year. We had been 3rd in Q1, we could have finished 4th in Q2, we would have aspired to be 5th or 6th in Q3 and from that to come out 14th, it is worth adding a lot to no point because that cannot be traced here. The weekend is over for us ”, he began to relate.

He insisted that “the sanction that may fall (to Vettel) does not change anything, even if the twentieth came out, because we went from being able to add ten or twelve points to add zero”

“It was a weekend that we got on so well, I wouldn’t mind another, but in this we had the selection for the first time with two sets of new tires for Q3, the selection was very based on Saturday and less on Sunday so Sunday will be a race to forget because of a curve, it’s frustrating “

“Here everyone is in a tenth, very even and we have no speed on the straight, you start 14 and finish 12; when I think we could have finished fifth or sixth. I think we deserved it, because the car was going well ”.

Later in his telematic intervention with the press he was blunt: “It is a penalty for 12 cars.”

“I don’t think it’s Seb’s fault, in those corners you are in the hands of your engineers and he also had a car in front of him and he couldn’t disappear. It is because of the nature of the circuit, and how people slowed down in those corners, which is written in the notes of the circuit that it cannot be done, is the main topic. I guess they won’t penalize 12 cars, but it’s the only way we could change our weekend. It is a pity”.

“I saw Sebastian’s previous lap and there were three or four cars that passed him on the last straight, that made it even more difficult for him before the last corner. But that is not a norm and it can happen. However, there was a rule this weekend, that you can’t slow down between turn nine and turn ten. It was written in the race notes, and now you see 12 cars along with Sebastian slowing down between those two corners. In my opinion, that’s a penalty for 12 cars. Also for Seb, who did not let me pass, but what about the other eleven cars, if it is written that you cannot do that?

“Either we put mirrors on the cars, or we have to be tougher with penalties. It’s the only way, the only way. I imagine that the FIA ​​will also want to learn to manage this better, because in the ‘top’ category of motorsport you cannot see ten cars waiting at five kilometers per hour before starting their lap. You have to be tougher with penalties, this is the consequence of being too soft “

“In football, if you touch with your hand in the area it is a penalty. It says here that you can’t slow down between turns nine and ten. I don’t know if it was eleven, twelve or sixteen, but they should be penalized ”.

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