Quirónsalud Marbella integrates Family Medicine and Pediatrics in the teleconsultation model






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Hospital Quirónsalud Marbella reinforces its telemedicine assistance project with the integration of teleconsultation in the Family Medicine Service and the strengthening of this digital model in Pediatrics. This procedure is a clear advantage for patients insofar as guarantees accessibility to the specialist, offers immediate professional response and facilitates the management of administrative procedures with the seal of guarantee of assistance from the Marbella hospital. “It is a service that gives continuity to the hospital’s telematic care project. At this appointment, pathologies typical of a primary care consultation are treated and users’ requests are resolved without any type of setback ”, explains the specialist in Family Medicine, Dr. María José Díaz.

Díaz is part of the team of doctors with extensive experience in the field of primary and emergency care who have joined this healthcare proposal in which they take advantage of the resources offered by new technologies to apply them to clinical practice whose ultimate purpose is to improve the service offered to the patient. For the expert, the advantages are palpable: “the great resolution capacity is one of the great qualities of Telemedicine, since in the same telematic consultation a professional diagnosis is obtained, treatment is prescribed or complementary appointments are processed to another specialty, as well as referral to the emergency room, in case the doctor considers it necessary ”, he details.

After the consultation, “it is important to highlight that the administrative procedure that the patient needs is automatically started, so that he obtains a personalized schedule of the appointments he needs without leaving his home”, he points out.

The experience gained after the implementation of this procedure has been very positive. The Marbella hospital specialist explains that the patient’s profile who has incorporated telemedicine into their personal field is usually that of “people familiar with the technological environment and open to new platforms for improvement in the health field”.

Family medicine adds to the rest of the specialties that adopt this model digital in Hospital Quirónsalud Marbella after the successful experience of other units such as Pediatrics. One of the pioneering services in its implementation that, now, reinforces its healthcare offer with the extension in the agenda of the telematic consultation.

Advantages of Telemedicine

Immediate professional diagnosis Agility in the processing of complementary appointments to another specialty Immediate referral to the Emergency Department, if necessary Complementary administrative management that the patient needs Daily care. It becomes easier to visit each day and allows more flexible hours, anywhere. Both the doctor and the patient can be anywhere and just need to connect. Better follow-up. This allows a closer and exhaustive follow-up of chronic patients, which is very beneficial. Teleconsultations make it possible to reduce the wait for certain consultations and thus also improve the response of the patient.Multiple specialties. In most medical specialties and consultations there is a wide margin to be able to carry out consultations virtually, as long as a physical examination is not required.

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