Quique Setién spoke at the press conference prior to Valladolid – Barcelona of this Saturday corresponding to day 36 of the Santander League. The Cantabrian coach valued the options of his team in the fight for the League and analyzed the picture of the Champions after the draw that matched them cons Bayern or Chelsea if they eliminate Naples.

Champions draw

“Actually, I didn’t have high expectations because we have to focus on the Naples match, which is the key. We already know that we will play at home. It is something that is fair. From the rest of the draw we can analyze possible rivals but the first is tomorrow’s game against Valladolid because we need all three points. Then Naples will come ».

Win the Champions

« We focus on the priority of the parties. We will try to keep up and when the Champions League arrives we will try to do our best as well as the three remaining games to finish the championship. They are hypotheses that lead to nothing ».

Champions and League

Perhaps it was better to continue playing; give a week of margin. In this sense, Naples may have a little more advantage. But you don’t know too. After this whip it is still good to stop. It is going to be a small lottery ».


Playing without an audience is a disadvantage. With the grandstand full, it would have had a positive influence. It is what it is. It doesn’t matter if I complain or not. There is no solution. We accept what you touch. I would have liked to play with the public ».


«Now you don’t have minutes but you can have them. Its implication is the same. He tries to give the best of himself in each training. Next week he will overcome this process he has and will return to the calls. And more now that some of the subsidiary will no longer be as you see in the call. We are going to need everyone ».

Friendlies before the Champions League

« It is possible that we will do it, first we will take a few days off and then we will play, either with each other or perhaps against a team that can meet those needs. »


« He Valladolid He is not entirely saved and will try to do it in this match. You have to win yes or yes. You have to be focused and attentive. They are not going to make it easy for us. We will try that the demand is maximum and we give the level that we have to give. We may have to get to the last game to have the option of winning the League. « 


“It is possible that this novel situation has benefited him and he is more willing to participate. I still think he is a great player. Any great player has to perform and offer the qualities he has. And in many games he had already done so. It seems that the chip has changed for all of you, but I was already happy with the performance it had given in some games. I was already happy ».

Real Madrid – Alavés

«In football everything can happen. We have seen inexplicable things. We must focus on what is ours and wait for that opportunity that the rival in front of us may fail.

Madrid stumble

«In football everything can happen. We have seen many things over the years. Inexplicable things. But we have to focus on Valladolid and wait for the rival in front of us to fail. There is no other choice but to wait, but to focus on what we should focus on ».