Quintanar del Rey defeats Marchamalo 2-1 at San Marcos

04/04/2021 at 11:34 PM CEST

The Quintanar del Rey won at home 2-1 their first match of the Second Phase of the Third Division held this Sunday in the San Marcos. With this result, the Quintana Roo team is fourth with 38 points and the male runner third with 45 points at the end of the match.

The first half of the confrontation got off to a good start for him Marchamalo, which premiered the light with a goal from Josemi Cerro at 28 minutes, thus ending the first period with the result of 0-1.

The second half started in an unbeatable way for him Quintanar del Rey, who put the tie with a bit of Jimenez De Los Gallanes moments after the resumption of the game, specifically in minute 48. The local team scored again, and managed to come back thanks to a second goal from Jimenez De Los Gallanes in minute 79, thus closing the match with the score of 2-1.

In the chapter on changes, the Quintanar del Rey from Carlos Gomez relieved Alvaro Collado, Alex Jimenez, Ishmael and Saiz by Ivan Albert, Jimenez De Los Gallanes, Campoy and Eloy, while the technician of the Marchamalo, Aitor Gomez, ordered the entry of From the owner, Peanut, Mate, Ruiz and Cap to supply Moraga, Pelaez, Butler, Red and Atance.

The referee warned with a yellow card to Ivan Albert, Alcañiz, Felipe Belmonte, Digging and Jimenez De Los Gallanes by the Quintanar del Rey already Moraga, Butler and Peanut by the marching team.

With this result, the Quintanar del Rey he is left with 38 points and the Marchamalo with 45 points.

On the second day the Quintanar del Rey will play against him Torrijos at home and the Marchamalo will play his match against him Calvo Sotelo Puertollano at home.

Data sheetQuintanar del Rey:Rozalen, Cava, Alcañiz, Chema, Felipe Belmonte, Eloy (Saiz, min.86), Jimenez De Los Galanes (Alex Jiménez, min.80), Sanjuan, Ivan Albert (Álvaro Collado, min.68), Campoy (Ismael, min. 80) and Kain AmoudMarchamalo:Jonatan Abuin, Abdramane, Mayordomo (Mateos, min.75), Moraga (Del Amo, min.52), Atance (Capi, min.82), Nachete, Pelaez (Mani, min.52), Hernaiz, Josemi Cerro, Rojo (Ruiz, min.75) and Diego PeñalvoStadium:San MarcosGoals:Josemi Cerro (0-1, min. 28), Jimenez De Los Galanes (1-1, min. 48) and Jimenez De Los Galanes (2-1, min. 79)