Quinceañera decides to share a party banquet with migrants who are stranded at the border

Hundreds of migrants, both Central Americans and Mexicans, are stranded in various border states of Mexico and the United States, waiting for the day when they can cross, in search of a better life.

However, the living conditions of these people who have not been able to cross the border are extremely difficult as they lack a home, food and some kind of livelihood to help them and their families survive.

A great example was given by a young woman of only 15 years old, originally from Reynosa, Tamaulipas, who celebrated her XV Years party on April 10. Despite the pandemic, Nancy Ortiz, the name of the teenager, He decided to continue with his celebration plans, only he decided to do it in a different and special way.

The quinceañera, showing off her good heart and in an act of good faith, despite the fact that she is also going through a complicated health situation.

Nancy has been struggling for some time with a tumor on her head that was found some time ago, which is already being treated, and also suffers from diabetes.

These chicha health problems have considerably reduced the economy of her family, who, despite everything, wanted to celebrate their daughter’s XV Years. The story reached the ears of a Facebook user named Ariana Alarcón, who in this social network launched a call for the people of the city to become godparents of the quinceañera so that they could make the party for her.

Week after week, the donations were arriving, from disposable plates, snacks, to footwear and accessories for the quinceañera.

On the day of the party, many guests did not show up for the celebration, so Ariana, Nancy and their parents decided to donate the food to a shelter that welcomes migrants.

“Today was a very special day, thanks to the godparents and godmothers, the dream of XV Years was made come true. More Nancy’s family was missing and food remained, which by the way was delicious, and we made the decision to go to the Plaza las Américas to share with our migrant brothers and I am very happy to have done it, it was really an unforgettable celebration that I will never forget, “he wrote Ary Falcón along with several photos where you can see how the food is distributed.

“This Nancy dream does not end. We decided, after the party, to come to Plaza las Américas, where the migrants, the children, are sleeping in the open, on the floor, so we decided to share this with all of them that with what they supported us, the dishes, the soft drinks, we are serving many people who need our support, “he said.

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