Quick victory for Moussa Gholam

Darío Pérez
@ Ringsider2020

Badía del Vallés this afternoon hosted an evening organized by Team Solé in co-promotion with Vicious Promotions, with several international professional bouts.

Went back Moussa Gholam (16-0, 9 KO) after a forced inactivity by the pandemic and some disagreement with his team, but the situation looks better than ever for the Moroccan who resides in Catalonia. His rival was the Georgian Nukri Gamgebeli (10-12, 7 KO). Eight rounds were reached at super featherweight. And the hostilities lasted exactly two minutes, because a blow to the liver of his rival, whose sound was even picked up by the broadcast cameras, split the European and did not allow him to continue in the fight. Great impression given by Gholam on his return to competition, which may be the beginning of his definitive rise to the elite.

The semi-background match brought us the British Connor lynch (7-0, 0 KO) against the Barcelona gladiator Iban Gallardo (12-10-2, 0 KO), six rounds at welterweight. Tremendous fight where, at the beginning, the surprise jumped, because a very hard crochet to the counter in full jaw of the Englishman threw him to the canvas in the first minute of the contest. Lynch miraculously recovered, and returned another curved blow to Gallardo, knocking him to the ground but without a referee account, this time. Not only was this initial chapter vibrant, but it was a constant give and take, with no time for flourishes and good attacks by both sides, the islands being more constant. The fifth round was the one with the greatest hardships for the local, as very powerful hands entered him, which he swallowed without blinking and, in addition, made a great last round. The judges scored the match 59-55, 58-56 and 58-56 for Connor Lynch, by unanimous decision, fair scores in our opinion.

Results of previous matches:

Four rounds at welterweight, Guido pitto (27-8-2, 9 KO) faced the Georgian Giorgi Gujejiani (10-19-2, 5 KO), who was disqualified in the third round for the sum of illegal actions. Pitto was being far superior from the get go.

In super welterweight, the Cuban Alberto Martin (1-0-1, 0 KO) was measured against the Argentine debutant, based in Spain as Pitto, Ismael Flores (1-0, 1 KO), also four rounds. The fight was being entertaining until, in the second set, Flores endorsed a tremendous KO with an outside hand to his rival, who did not get up before the referee’s account.

Also in the super welterweight, but six rounds, the British were measured Sion Yaxley (6-0, 0 KO) and the Senegalese Ibrahima Sarr (0-4). The Welshman connected the best hands from the start and showed technical superiority against the longilinear African, who fulfilled the objective of making the favorite theoretician work. The victory went to Yaxley to the points, although the content of the cards was not announced.

The women’s fight of the evening presented the local Eva Diez (2-0, 0 KO) and Consuelo Portolani (1-1, 1 KO), from Italy. It was a fight with a lot of rhythm, very entertaining and with high activity, with alternatives and with two boxers who went to Badía del Vallés to take the victory at all costs, which the spectators thanked. The result, after the four rounds, was 39-38, 39-39 and a difficult to justify 40-36, a majority decision in favor of Eva Díez.

In the middleweight category, the British Gerome warburton (6-0-1, 1 KO) and the Panamanian Jeffrey rosales (9-12-3, 2 KO) they checked who was the better fighter. The technical concepts and mobility of Wales surpassed the Central American, despite not seeing clear power blows. A very amateur boxing that of Warburton, who perhaps lacks a certain punch when it comes to going far at such a demanding weight. After the six rounds, the officials decided to score the fight 58-57, 58-58 and 58-58, with the result of a tie, to the amazement of the Englishman, his team and those who commented on the broadcast.

After the mandatory rest, came the highest octane match of the night. At cruiserweight, Aazddin Aajour (4-1-2, 3 KO), Moroccan based in Barcelona, ​​exchanged leather with the Swede David loy (10-2, 4 KO). Combat from power to power, perhaps the local stronger and the Scandinavian a little more mobile, starring in this antagonistic boxing difficult to score on many occasions. In the fourth round, a tremendous side blow from Aajour caused Loy to bleed, prompting the doctor, who decided to end the fight due to possible structural damage to the Swede’s nose.

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