Quick guide to understanding the ‘Secret Invasion’ series, and who the Skrulls might be impersonating

Are there aliens among us? According to Marvel, yes. And more implied of what you believe in all the events around you. What seems like the craziest conspiracy theory is part of the plot of the future Secret Invasion series. For now we know very little about the program. Or at least enough to keep us interested. In short: it will be based on one of Marvel’s most unique comics, Nick Fury will participate and will tell the Skrull invasion. The topic already had delved into the comics, but it barely made it to the movies in Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: Far From Home.

All in all, the announcement of a series based on the strange premise of an inadvertent Skrull invasion surprised fans. The production was announced on December 10 during Disney Investor Day. It is a story based on specific on Nick Fury figurebut also how that affects the overall structure of the MCU.

But beyond the careful hints on the subject that have been made so far, Secret Invasion is also a milestone within the Marvel publishing world. If you are not familiar with the comic, we leave you a roadmap through one of the strangest arcs in the universe of the house of ideas.

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The essential question, what exactly is the story that Marvel’s ‘Secret Invasion’ tells?

The Secret Invasion comic is the brainchild of writer Brian Michael Bendis. Coincidentally, the same author of House of M, the comic on which much of the WandaVision argument is based. For Bendis it was the opportunity to rebuild the world of The Avengers. The author created an epic that revitalized Marvelita’s publishing universe, and also refreshed most of its plot lines. After the events narrated in 2004 by Avengers Disassembled and their immediate consequences (which can be read in House of M), the entire world of characters from the publisher needed a review.

Bendis made it through the war between the Kree and Skrull races. Of course, this is not new news. The Skrulls have been a threat to Marvel heroes since Fantastic Four # 2, first published in 1962.

For context: aliens with reptilian characteristics able to change shape to assume anyone’s, have been in a dangerous background in a whole series of events. The outrages of the dangerous race include impersonating Alicia Master, Thing’s girlfriend of the Fantastic Four, and creating a complex situation that ended up dividing the team. As well impersonate all kinds of heroes, which has turned the Marvel scene into a source of suspicion and paranoia (more than once). The truth is that the Skrull race is a source of problems, but also a way of understanding that nothing is what it seems.

And right now, amidst fuzzy timelines, possible multiverses and ambiguous identities, the Skrulls seem to be the answer to the blank spots of the most recent arguments. Could both WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and Loki benefit from the plot? Apparently, that is precisely the intention of the study.

And what happens in the comic with the Skrulls?

According to Marvel canon, after the Kree-Skrull war, a secret superhero group called the Illuminati was created. The new team consisted of Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Namor, Reed Richards, Black Lightning, and Charles Xavier.

One of the team’s first decisions was to warn the Skrulls that they would not tolerate any attack on land. But the group is kidnapped and analyzed by the Skrulls. The opportunity allowed the aliens take the main characteristics of the heroes to replicate them in the future. Shortly after the heroes escaped, but already the race (known for its infiltration capacity) had all the data they required to undertake a secret invasion.

Which was in fact what happened. The first signs of a Skrull infiltration came in 2006, when in the midst of a Daredvil storyline, Echo killed Elektra. To the heroine’s surprise, the former assassin’s body turned into that of a Skrull. From there, the situation became chaotic. The possibility that anyone could have been replaced was used in all sorts of ways in various different stories and volumes.

Suddenly, all the heroes of the Marvel Universe were suspects. Especially the heroes who had died and came back to life in mysterious ways. One of the most spectacular cases was that of Captain Mar-Vell who died of cancer. Of course, it was a Skrull in disguise. The same thing happened with Jarvis, Iron Man’s faithful butler. However, the biggest surprise was the fact that Spider-Woman was not only a Skrull, but also the ruler of the Skrull, Veranke.

The ravages of the Skrull invasion reached catastrophic levels when the infiltrators dismantled SHIELD piece by piece The situation caused much of the security and intelligence system of the Marvelita Cinematic Universe to fall apart. They also destroyed the iconic Helicarrier, along with The Peak Orbital Base, SWORD’s headquarters. The Skrulls were responsible for a massive escape from Balsa, the notorious prison island in New York City for psychopathic superhuman criminals.

And what will we see on the screen?

If you’ve been paying attention this far, we already know a thing or two. The SHIELD series shows how the organization was dismantled until it disappeared. Right now on WandaVision, acting boss Tyler Hayward has more than strange behavior. If we add to that the post-credits scene of Spider-Man, some inexplicable plot twists and the fact that SWORD does not have them all against Wanda … the picture seems to be clear.

Ah, in case you noticed, not all Skrulls are evil. Although most couldn’t be called heroes either.

And who could have replaced on the big screen?

The Skrulls have likely replaced bureaucrats in key positions, such as CIA agent Everett Ross or CIA agent Sharon Carter. Maybe the most obvious is the military commander Thunderbolt Ross, who has been making life miserable for superhumans since The Incredible Hulk. As for the Skrulls we know that they are not so evil, we know that Talos “replaces” Nick Fury on Earth in Spider-Man: Far from Home, So we doubt he’s alone

For now, very little is known about the series, but this data set makes it clear that the plot will surely change the MCU as you knew it. An addition to the game of multiverses and story lines, which will surely rebuild Phase 4 of the franchise to unknown levels.

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