Currently the main priority of marketing professionals is lead generation.

If you can positively answer all of these questions, then there should be no problem for your site to meet the goal.

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Data shared by HubSpot for this year reveals that lead generation is the main priority for marketers, for this, they have to use various methods that allow them to achieve them, such as working with the website. On this occasion, thinking particularly in this key space for companies and for marketing, we will see some aspects that can greatly help.

If you want to know if your website is ready to meet one of the key objectives for marketers, AdEspresso highlights the following 6 questions that will help you define it:

Does your website have the “leaky bucket effect?

To answer this question, it is necessary to verify that, as well as the home page, the other pages of the website are optimized in terms of SEO and lead generation.

As the source notes, many business websites experience the so-called “leaky bucket” effect, where underperforming subpages cause potential customers to be lost after visitors become more immersed in your site. A bad optimization can make even the most attractive site not be discovered by the target audience.

To avoid this first problem, an audit of the entire site is necessary. Within it, it is particularly focused on whether the keywords used have the suggestive 3 key elements:

Utility for direct conversions.
Pioneer value leading to a sale.
Value awareness.

If the keywords you’ve focused on with your site’s content aren’t raising awareness of your core products or services, chances are they’re not driving leads.

Is live chat enabled on your site?

As the source explains, we live in a time when society expects instant gratification, when consumers have questions, they don’t want to wait for answers. 69 percent of consumers say that quick resolution of their problems is one of the reasons they consider their customer service experience to be good.

When it comes to initial sales inquiries, a quick response may even be considered crucial to business, with 89 percent of consumers saying this helps decide who to buy from.

Due to the above, it highlights the importance of enabling live chat, this because 79 percent of people consider this channel to be important because they feel they can get an immediate answer to their questions there.

In addition, the consumer satisfaction perceived on this channel is greater than that of the telephone, email and interactions on social networks.

Are you showing prospects that you know your business?

As a third key aspect of lead generation from the website, you should know that many prospects, especially in the B2B segment, want to see quantitative evidence that a company can deliver on what it promises. This makes the ability to share quality data, both on the site and in direct messages, a vital element for lead generation and sales.

One of the best ways to show the expertise is by sharing case studies, these serve to verify that everything you say and the data you share can be fulfilled.

As the source puts it, highlighting the work you’ve already done creates a persuasive storyline that makes it much more likely that you will get potential leads interested in your brand.

On our site you will find recommendations to build case studies.

Do you create content that speaks to the ideal buyer?

While content such as case studies or blog posts can be great elements to drive traffic and eventually get leads, you should know that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are a number of content options that can be leveraged to meet the goal, for example webinars or webinars are ideal as marketers reap many of the same benefits of a face-to-face meeting in a more cost-effective and affordable digital tool. greater reach.

However, as the question highlights, you should try to be talking to the ideal buyer for the company. By doing so, you will be providing information in an attractive, well-focused way and prospects will be more willing to stay hooked to consume the full message you want to convey.

Even if you segment content for audiences in relation to how they will use the product or service, you can better fine-tune the spot and make it more persuasive to lead.

Are you capturing visitor information without generating friction?

To get to know your site visitors and get leads, it is of utmost importance to obtain information from them. If as part of your strategy you already use surveys or quizzes, it is very likely that you already have data.

The idea is that the more you get to know site visitors, the easier it will be to reach them with well-targeted and relevant messages.

Currently, many websites use small pop-up surveys to capture information. These surveys allow people to know what touch people like and don’t like about the site, or they measure satisfaction on different pages.

Are your pages optimized for lead generation?

Finally, this point is related to the first. By analyzing the pages and their organic performance it is possible to optimize them further, and with this it is possible to dramatically increase the efforts of lead generation.

On the pages that are identified as having the best performance, it is recommended to place forms to capture data from people. For example, if a blog post is one of the highest performing pages on the site, consider offering a download of a relevant document there in exchange for an email address.