Quentin Tarantino reveals he considered rebooting Reservoir Dogs as his last film – .

Quentin Tarantino’s visit to the Real Time with Bill Maher program last Friday to mark the launch of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: A Quentin Tarantino Novel, the film’s novel that hit theaters in 2019, was full of surprises. During the extensive conversation, various topics were covered, from Tarantino’s career to his life in Israel, as well as speaking about his book and returning to the topic of his retirement, where he again frankly said that his plans to retire after his next movie will remain and he is very sure of it.

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In recent weeks, the filmmaker has given several interviews where he had mentioned that he is ready to retire, but that he hopes to make one last film first. We do not know what his plan is exactly, but it never hurts to dream that it could be the third part of Kill Bill: Revenge, Volume 1 – 85% which is something that many of his fans have always wanted to see. However, during that interview, he gave a big surprise when he mentioned that he has considered going back to another of his best known films, but in the end he gave up.

When Bill maher Asked why he would stop making movies while he was “on top of his game”, Tarantino said that is why he thinks it is the best time to retire, and the director restated what he has said for a long time. time: he would quit after his tenth movie. According to him, throughout the history of cinema he has seen how film directors reach a point where they do not improve and he prefers to go away with a good film than to ruin his filmography. He also noted that although he has not made so many films, he has had a long career for the time in which he has been doing it.

The host of the show then mentioned his movie Reserve Dogs – 90% saying that maybe he could make a superior version of it, ensuring that in this way he could get more creativity, perhaps taking into account that the time that has passed since its premiere and his maturity as a filmmaker can influence by contributing new things. That’s when he admitted that he did consider making a remake of the film he released in 1992 as his farewell film (via Comic Book).

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That’s kind of a time catch at a time. I won’t, Internet. But I did consider it.

Fans of the Tarantino classic will not have to worry about a reboot, which he would have worked on himself, because he assures that he will not do it despite having thought about it. What we do not know is when his tenth film will arrive and, apparently, the director does not know exactly either. Currently, he is promoting the novelization of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – 94% that promises to expand the background of the protagonists of the film, among other details that will make the story worth reading.

Fortunately, he could avoid that “curse” that he talks so much about when he mentions other directors with filmographies full of great movies, but who have had their worst stories as their last job. Perhaps that is the reason why it could take Tarantino longer than we think, but we must also remember that he is currently living in Israel with his wife and their almost one-and-a-half-year-old son. He is focusing more on his family and as he tries to divide his time for his latest project it is understandable that it will take him some time to find what will be the film he will say goodbye to after 30 years of career.

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