Quentin Tarantino planned to make this reboot as his last film

Acclaimed film director, Quentin Tarantino, is one movie away from retirement. The filmmaker confirmed the plans he had for his latest work.

The race of Quentin Tarantino has been one of the most followed and commented on Hollywood. The director has been at the forefront of projects that have revolutionized cinema in many ways. However, he would already have everything planned and, within his ideas, his farewell from the main chair in the sets is very close.

The developer confirmed some time ago that he is only planning to direct one more film and this shocked the entertainment world. Thus, the writer reaches, at 58 years of age, nine directions. With these tapes, the audiovisual creator obtained eight nominations for the Oscar awards, both for best film, best director and best original screenplay.

Of these nominations, the also producer raised the statuette twice. The recognitions were obtained for the libretto of Pulp fiction Y Django Unchained. Likewise, he was chosen to receive another 20 awards, among which some stand out. Golden Globes Y BAFTA.

With all this success, both from the critics and the audience, Tarantino considered saying goodbye to the studios, at least in the directive role. His decision led him to consider what his last production would be and he began to engineer such a question.

Recently, the creative revealed what his plans were and gave a big surprise. Having a well-defined style, the press expected him to prepare to release a feature film with high violent content, an out-of-the-box plot and a luxurious cast.

Indeed this was what he thought, but in an unusual way. The filmmaker had plans to retire by doing a reboot of Reservoir dogs, his first work. “That’s kind of ‘time captured in a moment.’ But in fact, I have considered making a remake of Reservoir Dogs as my last movie. I won’t internet, okay? But I considered it, ”he said.

Finally, on another occasion he confessed his admiration for horror films, which raised suspicions of the genre that would have its final installment … How will Quentin Tarantino’s career end?

Source: HBO

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