New tensions loom over the British Royal House in the face of recent action by Queen Elizabeth II, it is a clear « contempt » for the family of her grandson Harry, they say | Instagram

Apparently a recent action by Queen Elizabeth II towards Meghan Markle and his grandson Harry, it would be taken as a « public contempt ».

Now it would no longer leave room for doubt, they point out the « Queen isabel II He has already forgotten that the Sussexes are family. « This after they point out » he publicly despised them. « 

Apparently it is a neat way of the monarch to say that « they are no longer part of the royal family. »

Just a few days ago, the Royal family was in complete peace even dedicating a warm congratulations to the Duchess of Sussex for his past 39th birthday, on August 4, like his brothers-in-law, Kate and William, who through a photo shared a message sending him their best wishes.

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As the vast majority know, after their departure from royalty, the former royal couple lost the great amount of benefits and privileges they obtained from the crown.

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However, this is not new for some members of the crown, as also happened to Prince Andrew, the third son of the Queen Isabel and the duke Philip of Edinburgh, after the scandals that would involve him in the case of Jefrey Epstein.

However, the last action, a decision that they assure would come from the palace said everything without saying a word.

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The website of the royalty has removed all traces of the parents of Archie and Andrés, which would be a clear sign that for royalty the three « are no longer part of the royal family, » says

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Likewise, it has been announced that the links of social networks and pages that linked to those of Meghan, Prince harry and Andrew of York, were eliminated and now there are only those that lead from the page of the British sovereign to that of her son Carlos and to that of the dukes of Cambridge, William and Kate.

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On the other hand, the reasons for making this radical decision have not yet been given, at least with respect to Meghan already Harry who since January of this year resigned their roles as « Senior Members » of royalty.