This is the first message that the Queen has issued publicly in 18 years

By: Web Writing

With an emotional video broadcast throughout UK, the Queen isabel II was pronounced for the first time in 18 years due to the quarantine world that has caused the COVID-19.

Isabel II recognized the extraordinary work that the health workers during the health contingency.

“We are fighting this disease together and if we continue together … we will overcome it,” he said in the video recorded from Windsor Castle, east London.

The head of state also thanked all the families who have been kept at home and assured that they will protect their loved ones in this way.

“The pride of who we are is not part of our step, it is defined by our present and our future,” he declared.

“We will be with our friends again, we will be with our families, we will be together again,” thus concluded his historic speech.

It should be noted that this is the fifth time that the Queen isabel II it has been publicly spoken in the history of his reign.

(With information from El Universal)