Queen Elizabeth: Boris Johnson’s fiancée, pregnant and with symptoms of contagion | Instagram

It seems that concerns are becoming more and more for Queen Elizabeth, as she was recently informed that Carrie Symonds, fiancée of Boris Johnson, who is pregnant, presents coronavirus symptoms.

Last Sunday was the last appearance Queen Elizabeth at the Sunday mass she always attends and more in recent weeks due to what is happening around the world.

A few days ago the Queen was informed that Boris Johnson had been internship for her coronavirus symptoms and now more news arrives for her when she is informed that her fiancée who is pregnant also has symptoms.

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Boris was boarding school last sunday and you will have to stay hospitalized for ten days having tested positive.

It was the official spokesperson for the head of government who informed the Queen that Carrie Symonds, fiancée of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, began show symptoms of the virus.

I spent last week in bed with the main symptoms of coronavirus, “confessed the first lady.

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Carrie herself was the one communicated the news after listening to what the Queen communicated when she found out.

The UK First Lady has expressed concern as she is expecting her first child, “said the Queen.

This is how it also revealed that the test had not been done it was only kept at absolute rest.

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I did not get tested, and after seven days off I feel stronger and am in full recovery. Being pregnant and having COVID-19 is obviously very concerning. To pregnant women, please read and follow this updated guide, which is most reassuring, “said the First Lady.

Carrie has very little pregnancy, just over a month ago, the couple announced that they would be parents, making it a quite delicate situation.

Symonds is 31 years old and despite the circumstances has expressed his wishes to fully recover and so wait for your fiancé to be discharged.

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She wants to do things her way. “So be it. It is the wish of Queen Elizabeth and the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth II of England He sent a message in the midst of the global crisis due to the pandemic through television, this being the fifth occasion in which the queen has given a speech like this in her 68 years of reign.

This time we unite with all the nations of the world in a common effort, using the great advances of science and our instinctive compassion to heal. We will succeed, and that success will belong to each one of us, “said the Queen.