Quartararo won, but the genius was Martín

04/04/2021 at 11:37 PM CEST

Fabio Quartararo had it easy to win & mldr; Copy the race that Viñales had done last week. The Frenchman, who ended up being the great loser of 2020 when he disappeared in the second part of the championship, he found himself again to lead a podium with Zarco, who is the new leader after finishing second in both Qatar races, and Martín, who deserves a separate mention.

The Madrid rider obtained an unexpected pole position on Saturday in his second grand prix in the category, but the best was yet to come. In the race he led 18 of the 22 laps after another impressive start, without the slightest error, showing extraordinary maturity, with a pencil driving and ended up adding the first podium in MotoGP, the 29th of his career. He had deserved more, but I am sure that at only 23 years old he has a very promising future.

Miller’s madness

We are facing a very close championship, in which many drivers are able to fight for the top positions and this causes constant friction and touches on the track. It is part of the game and the show, but it is inadmissible in such a dangerous sport that a driver expressly crashes against another with the sole intention of intimidating him.

It is not the first time that Jack Miller stars in a show of these characteristics and unless, once reviewed, there is no exemplary sanction. He can accuse Joan Mir of overtaking him to the limit, very forced, getting to touch, but this does not give him the right – out of his mind – to take justice out of his hand, go after him a lap later, manifestly look for him at the start of a curve, corner him off the line and look for his rival’s motorcycle. Miller hit Mir at 195 km / h. By God & mldr; this is not a game.

The next race with Marc Márquez?

Today is the million dollar question. The championship and the fans miss their great star and the return of the Cervera champion could be very close. On April 12 he has to undergo a new medical check-up and if he is discharged he will reappear at the Portuguese Grand Prix, which will be held in Portimao on April 18. Coincidence or not, it would be the same scenario that a few weeks ago he was riding with the Honda MotoGP replica, the RC213V-S, to test his right arm and discover an unprecedented layout for him.

Losail’s may have been the last Grand Prix that Marc had to watch on TV From your home. His premise is not to rush, be prepared to be competitive when he returns and everything indicates that the date is close. I have no doubt that, despite the weather, when I return I will have something to talk about on the track.