One of the most acclaimed actors of the moment, who is renowned for his incredible action scenes and artfully ending his enemies surprises us with his limited capabilities in technology or perhaps it is just an oversight, Chris Pratt would have deleted fifty thousand emails And he shows us his reaction in a video that he uploaded to social networks, where the actor’s fans have tried to help him recover them.

The actor was married to the famous actress Anna Faris From 2009 to 2018, and from that relationship his first son was born, who was surprised by the number of unread emails that his father had in the inbox, to which he promised to order them, but it seems that things did not turn out as He waited and ended up deleting everything.

It is unknown until now how important were the emails he had, it may be that some of them contained important information about his participation in the new installments of ‘Jurassic World’, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, but it seems that if he has a quantity enormous of emails is because he does not know how to say no, as he explained it.

“So yesterday my son was playing on my phone and he gasped when he saw how many unread emails he had. There are many. There are many. I get it, I know, it’s mainly rubbish. Look, what I do is sign up for everything. I sign up for everything. I’m one of those idiots who will do, like, an IQ test and say, ‘Do you want to take an IQ test? Give me your email.’ And then I do it and, you know, which proves that my IQ is around 7 and I just get junk from everyone and I just don’t delete it. But I also want to apologize because there are so many emails there that I didn’t check and didn’t contact them again, ”said Pratt.