Quality Conta protects and streamlines your business with Zyxel Networks | News | Connectivity

The legal consultant Quality Conta de Madrid wanted to achieve more security in accesses, simplify and expand the analysis and reporting management capacity, and all this while reducing costs. In addition, it needed to change complicated management due to unintuitive tools, as well as eliminate the complexity of implementing and managing its connectivity solutions. Likewise, due to the consummation of teleworking, it also required more ease and protection of access for users from outside the offices.

To achieve these benefits for its business, the company has relied on Zyxel Networks that you have provided, through your partner planitum Infotecnika, network infrastructure, security and wireless. Thanks to this project, the manufacturer has provided the customer with the technological solutions required to provide maximum quality and reliability while simplifying implementation.

“It is essential to guarantee the continuity of the work, not only in the context of Covid-19, but in the face of any incident that may arise. Furthermore, at QualityConta we promote and encourage the reconciliation of work and family life for our employees, which is why we consider it essential to have the support of effective technological solutions that support this policy ”, he highlights Javier Montero, general director of QualityConta.

For its part, Gonzalo Echeverría, country manager of Zyxel Iberia, points out that, “in our commitment to help small and medium-sized companies to make the leap to a safe and practical digitization, we have fulfilled this project to provide the technology most in line with the needs of Quality Consta and bring to this sector the characteristics of a secure and advanced connectivity that allow you to streamline your business ”.

Quality Conta protects and streamlines your business with Zyxel Networks.Increased productivity

In this way, Infotecnika has implemented in Quality Conta network infrastructure, security and wireless solutions from Zyxel Networks for greater agility and protection of your business. In order to increase network speed, the integrator chose to install a state-of-the-art cabling in category 6Aand high-quality, high-performance managed switches, obtaining an intelligent and simple management.

In addition, the Zyxel partner has installed Special firewall equipment to protect against malware, crypto-jaking, ransomware and the use of unauthorized applications. Specifically, they are two high availability (HA) computers that facilitate business continuity without interruptions with more security. Faced with today’s need for telecommuting, the two ATP Zyxel firewalls support up to 150 external SSLVPN connections for workers to access their network resources easily, quickly and with greater security.

Likewise, the provider collaborated in improving connectivity with Nebula wireless access points managed in the cloud, providing high performance and great coverage thanks to the smart antennas that they incorporate. The Wi-Fi system contemplates load balancing and management of different access networks to offer the appropriate service based on the different needs required, such as separate networks for guests or non-company personnel.

Finally, Quality Conta highlights the pre-sale and post-sale service lending from Zyxel for its proximity and highly qualified staff with extensive experience in different business environments.