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The pandemic has raised the broadband demands of society. The popularization of teleworking, tele-education, videoconferencing … has driven the need for a quality connection. However, in Spain there is an uneven picture. While in large cities the networks respond to these requirements, in smaller towns in rural areas and even in industrial estates belonging to metropolises, the infrastructure is insufficient.

Achieve that long-awaited goal of a quality universal broadband for all corners of our country it is not easy. In many cases it does not compensate huge investment which implies the deployment of fiber, due to backhaul problems among others, in certain remote areas or with widely scattered real estate units. Even if you opt for wireless services, which will not be fully available until 5G is established, the outlay to bring this connection to fruition is high. And, whether it is one or the other case, the consumer is not aware – or does not want to be – of this Economic effort that the telco sector has to assume so that the Internet that reaches your home / office is optimal and this translates into not willing to pay for it. The price war that started a few years ago continues. Portability is the order of the day and although small and medium-sized operators are increasingly they add more and more services to his offer (security, telemedicine, TV …), the accounts do not come out. In this sense, the consumer education it is essential to sustain a necessary industry that has to face lower profit margins.

Redes & Telecom and Furukawa event on the future of broadband in Spain.

Likewise, it is also important to have the institutional support of national, provincial or local governments. And although there are programs in place, sometimes they are meager. Likewise, the sector itself must come together seeking the cooperation to ensure its profitability and sustainability. The union is strength and with these alliances the bargaining power is greater.

Not in vain, technically yes it is possible provide quality broadband in those “redoubts” forgotten by the large telcos and we are at a time when society wants to have access to the network from anywhere and at any time. There is demand and there are services. And even the public administrations are encouraging these deployments to recover that Empty Spain that has been filling up.

These have been some of the conclusions of the event on The future of fiber networks organized by Networks & Telecom In collaboration with Furukawa Electric. Representatives of Akiwifi, Aotec, Advance Solutions, Isier Solutions, LPS Y Lyntia.

In the next few days we will publish the complete summary of this meeting.

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