Qualcomm’s presence will be virtual only

The Mobile World Congress of 2021 adds a new low among its face-to-face exhibitors. In an identical position to that announced by Samsung yesterday, Qualcomm has chosen not to participate in situ at the Barcelona event. Anyway, the American company will be part of the virtual event.

The news has been confirmed by TechCrunch, a question that puts Qualcomm in a long list of companies who declined to travel to Catalonia to be part of the traditional event.

“While we appreciate the health and safety measures that the GSMA is implementing for the Barcelona MWC, we have decided that the best thing for our employees and customers is for Qualcomm’s participation to be virtual this year,” the company said.

Despite the absence in person, the company ensured virtual participation through the keynote of its president and CEO, Cristiano Amon, on June 28. He also pledged to get involved with the Mobile World Congress 2021 ecosystem through his “Latest 5G Announcements and Demonstrations”.

The Mobile World Congress 2021 and its struggle in search of a new normal

Mobile World Congress 2021 continues to add limited absences or attendanceImage: David Ortiz.

After the cancellation of the 2020 edition, The GSMA has worked piecemeal for the MWC to return to Barcelona this year. The event had to postpone its start date to have a clearer picture of the pandemic and international restrictions.

In February it was learned that all those attending the Mobile World Congress 2021 must undergo a Covid-19 test, as part of the health protocol. However, from March onwards, several of the most important technology companies in the world they dropped out of the event, or limited their participation.

Ericsson was among the first to cancel its participation, followed by Nokia, Oracle, Facebook and Google, to name prominent names. Qualcomm and Samsung went for the virtual variant and they may not be the only ones to adopt this modality.

The Mobile World Congress 2021 will be held from June 28 to July 1. The expectation is still strong about the event because it is one of the most important in the world. What nobody can deny is that the absence, or limited presence of the biggest names in the mobile market, is a hard blow to absorb.

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