We are already on . of the fourth quarter of the year, the quarter that should be a folder to this calamitous 2020 in many aspects, but photographs continue to arrive of how the technology sector was when it reached its equator. The latest we have comes directly from Counterpoint Research and tells us the state of the world of mobile processors as of June 30, 2020.

We have already commented on several occasions that Qualcomm is the leader in the sector without manufacturing a single chip, and it seems that everything remains the same although the North Americans have lost traction. There are several brands that have grown as they decrease and its top spot is closer than ever to being mugged by its main pursuer, MediaTek. But let’s see how the situation is with the numbers in hand.

Kirin lives, the fight goes on but for how long?

As we said in the introduction, Qualcomm leads. According to data from Counterpoint Research, North Americans are at the forefront of the mobile processor industry with 29% of the market although it has fallen four points since its last measurement. So, the Americans led with 33%. One in three mobile processors carried its logo, but the situation is changing.

The top-ranked of the chaser group is, in fact, Qualcomm’s only real chaser. We talk about a MediaTek that closed the month of June with 26% of the market, two points above the last record and cutting Qualcomm a total of six points. From 33% / 24% in 2019 we went to 29% / 26% with the latest data in hand.

Huawei ranks third with its Kirin, but they could soon disappear if they don’t find a new manufacturer

Following this head duo we have Huawei with its Kirin. Processors from TSMC factories and signed by HiSilicon constituted 16% of the market at the end of June, four points above 2019. The point here is that there will be no more Kirin manufactured until further notice. The Chinese giant has a serious problem to provide its own processors, and others, to its phones and everything could change radically in the next measurement. Kirin may not appear in the top five in the market, or may not even exist by then.

And finally, closing the group of the five largest manufacturers of mobile processors today we have Samsung and Apple, almost tying with about 10% of the market with its Exynos and Apple AX, although with the Koreans slightly above the Cupertino company even falling three points from its 13% in 2019. We will see what happens in the coming quarters as the earthquake caused by the novel « The United States against Huawei « It can trigger many changes in the map of mobile processors, and of smartphones in general.

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Qualcomm continues to dominate the mobile market and Kirin grows, although photography could change radically