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In addition to the frenetic action and a marked evolution from what DOOM presented years before, Quake stood out for its impressive soundtrack that was composed by Trent Reznor himself, the genius creator of Nine Inch Nails. Since its launch in 1996 and to date, Quake is one of the games most loved by the PC community, hence the relaunch of its soundtrack was a success, but unfortunately it was a bit tainted by a conflict.

Today saw the re-release of the Quake soundtrack in a remastered version available on vinyl and that includes the 10 songs that made history on the PC gaming scene. As you know, the development of Quake was the work of id Software and featured designers such as John Romero, American McGee and Tim Willits, while the programming had the participation of John Carmack. Well, on the occasion of this relaunch, John Carmack and American McGee had carried out some tests in honor of the game that would accompany each copy.

However, this could not be so, as Carmack pointed out on his official Twitter account, ZeniMax, the company that owns Bethesda and therefore idSoftware, demanded that this material not be included in the packaging with the disc. Despite this, Carmack invited fans to read his words and those of American McGee on the Nine Inch Nails site where the soundtrack is for sale, but moments later they were removed from that space, also by order of ZeniMax.

What happened? In case you don’t know, John Carmack and ZeniMax were involved in a legal lawsuit for years derived from a situation related to the creation of Oculus Rift, a VR device. ZeniMax accused Carmack of theft of confidential information that resulted in the creation of the device but under the control of a company that ultimately became the property of Facebook. Despite the fact that the conflict between Carmack and ZeniMax ended in 2018, it seems that tempers are still burning and that is why the company asked that the programmer’s words not be included in the relaunch of the Quake soundtrack.

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