The current government, according to Mi Viejito lindo, is on rails, but in reality it leaves us a lot to be desired, and despite the fact that we insist that we are doing well and that we are happy, the very truth is that there are many things that are not understood.

The main flag of Mi Viejito Lindo is its fight against corruption, but it turns out that to date no one has fallen for crimes of embezzlement, almost every day news comes out that something was discovered, whether from the last six-year term or this, but in the end everything remains in that, in simple anecdotes.

Someone out there “wasted time” documenting the houses owned by Manuel Bartlett and even complaints in the Ministry of Public Function were filed, and where this all ended, nothing, the secretary Irma Eréndira Sandoval absolved him of all sin.

What gives Bartlett so much power? No one knows, except those close to him. It is not possible that who literally delayed the left of Mexico by 5 years with the famous fall of the system, is now a distinguished member and above all protected by it.

There is the case Ana Gabriela Guevara, who had a fraud at CONADE and nothing happened, is still in the position as Johnnie Walker himself, so forthright, and while My Cute Little Boy remains silent before this. By the way, they already denounced her for extortion in Veracruz, to see what happens.

An airport was canceled because there were “co-quotas” in the contracts, which had been given to his moth, and to date nothing has been demonstrated, we just ran out of the money already invested in the work. And now it turns out that one of the winners of the Maya Train tenders is no more and no less the one who built the second floor of the Peripheral, when Mi Viejito Lindo governed the CDMX and that for reasons of public safety, blocked the information on the cost of this work to which to date you do not have access, the good thing is that this contract did not end in the hands of someone from the moth of the 4T.

As we can see its main flag has not yet taken off, we continue in them, if not worse.

But that is not all, the great consistency that exists in 4T is what helps us to affirm that we are doing well.

The ecocide of Lake Texcoco was a complete uproar and now it suspends clean energy projects, not as our beloved Rocío Nahle would say, renewables, a very understandable mistake for someone who must be an expert on these issues.

There was a lot of talk that PEMEX was the petty cash of the presidents, that it had to be rescued and with hype and saucer they closed the pipelines to prevent them from stealing fuel, as a result they left several cities paralyzed for weeks, while the pipes arrived, that without complying with the regulations, the Secretary of Foreign Relations and the Ministry of Energy had acquired without a tender, it is more without the slightest study.

And to date it is not known what happened to these pipes and the hundreds of jobs they were going to generate, large lines of people were seen to pass the test in Military Camp # 1 to be operators of the ghost pipes, perhaps because of that of that they are ghost they did not find who the “choferiara”.

What happened ?, because according to the 4T huachicoleo is almost extinct, but the sale of gasoline by PEMEX did not rise and despite injecting it a fortune it turns out that it spends money losing, in 2019 they only increased by a modest 92% and lost the smallest amount of more than 346 billion pesos.

In addition, it has lost investment and qualification degrees in several international rating agencies, but since these do not belong to the CNTE, Mi Viejito Lindo does not care in the least.

Create the National Guard, a body made up of civilians since the military did not have to be on the street and it turned out that most of its members come from the armed forces, including the main commandos, where was the civilian?

And now it turns out that by decree the military returns to the streets, which is not what has always criticized the previous six-year terms, was it wrong before and now is it okay?

And so we can continue with many things, he dedicated himself to criticizing nepotism and compadrazgo and now his close ones have great positions without even having the minimum qualification for it.

He criticized and attacked the media, especially television stations, and now it turns out that he is the “owner” of one of them, to the point of putting in the SEP who he asked for and who is the consented banker for the Programs. of wellness.

He dedicated himself to tweeting Peña Nieto for “crouching” before Trump, and promised that he would not leave, but the good thing is that he did not clarify that he would not leave, because although he has not paid for the wall, if he has already I use a human wall with the National Guard on the southern border to defend Trump’s interests and he does what he asks from time to time.

He criticized his ex-arch enemy Carlos Salinas de Gortari for NAFTA, a neoliberal instrument of perdition that attacks the good people and now presumes as its own achievement the partial renegotiation of it, who had to change its name as usual in politics, and now it is called TMEC.

In the previous six-year period, given the low growth of GDP, which averages 2.5% at the time of the evil neoliberalism, he dedicated himself to saying that there was no well-being thanks to this stunted growth and promised us growth of 4% to 8%, and it turns out to be that now that he does not even achieve positive numbers, he begins to design new measurement methods and he is going to inform us how to measure well-being and happiness, he has other data, as always.

And so we could follow him for a while, but I consider that with this he is more than enough to rest easy, since the direction that our country is taking is the one that My Cute Old Man has always wanted, who in the face of life’s attacks is faithful to his ideas and beginning.

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• “One more year for this to change completely”, AMLO 11/1/19. What emotion in just 162 days Mexico will be another.

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