Pytyvo 3.0 program: what is known about the third payment and when would it arrive?

The second payment of the Pytyvo 2.0 program It has not ended, according to the Vice Minister of Economy, Carmen Marín. It is expected to help more than 760,000 workers with the delivery of 500,000 guaranies. In this second phase, more people are being helped in the border area of ​​the country.

It will also help workers in the service, commerce and tourism sectors, especially those most affected by the economic crisis that has originated with the coronavirus pandemic. Those interested will have to enter and verify if they appear in the list of beneficiaries published by the Ministry of Finance on its official page (Click, Here).

Possible third payment

Carmen Marín announced that she is studying at the Ministry of Finance a new bill with the aim of securing a third payment from the Pytyvo program. For this to happen, a new approval of the additional funds will be needed, as happened with the second payment with the injection of 125 million dollars.

The General Budget of the Nation (PGN) it will be moderate due to the drop in tax revenues due to the situation the country is going through. In the coming weeks, a third payment of the Pytyvo 2.0 Program will definitely be announced, everything will depend on tax revenues.