Pythagoras theorem. Student explains it with a song from ‘El Recodo’

The online classes They have caused situations of all kinds between students and teachers: from teachers who wear costumes to make virtual teaching more didactic, to schoolchildren who use funny elements to present their work. And this second category includes what is done by David Alfonso, who explained the Pythagoras theorem making a mathematical version of the song «I pray that whoever you« , of El Recodo.

«I’m going to explain a theorem that I already knew how to do. And you’re going to be calculating, little girl! », is how the student of the Technological University of leon who did this work for Mathematical Functions subject.

«I am going to explain to you a theorem that I already knew how to do and if you have not understood it today you will understand it. Calculate the side of a triangle that the hypotenuse is, you will occupy the other two to find the solution and, of course, it is better », points out the young man in his version.

Later, to the rhythm of El Recodo, David indicates that to solve the Pythagorean theorem, «you will raise the two sides squared and you will add them to the two; the result of the sum you take the square root and the hypotenuse … that’s it ».

«I’m going to give you an example so that you understand it better: side A measures 2 meters, side B measures 4 meters. You raise each one to the square, 9 and 16 came out, and add them to the two, it will give you 25 and what comes is better: You take the square root and we have just flown, and the result is 5 meters. This measures the hypotenuse, what we were looking for, the hypotenuse that is », adds very coupled to the melody.

In the end, the ingenious student says that « if you know someone who doesn’t understand this theorem, put this song on him and let the video see him too. »