Pure elegance, Maribel Guardia looks fantastic in black palazzo

Pure elegance, Maribel Guardia looks fantastic in a black palazzo | INSTAGRAM

The most beautiful woman in Latin America who conquered the screen with her beauty, now adorns social networks with her publications, Maribel Guardia surprised her fans with her incredible and elegant outfit in black.

The actress and model born in Costa Rica She does not notice her age, and she looks like a much younger woman, there is no doubt that her genetics are enviable, coupled with her excellent diet and exercise routines that she performs every day.

Maribel del Rocío Fernández García is the full name of the beauty queen who fell in love with the directors of the TV in Mexico, and it became a reference of the most beloved by the public of the shows, both in Mexico and in other Latin American countries.

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It should be remembered that the beautiful Maribel also served as singer, and is remembered for her participation in successful tours and showing her impeccable talent when singing on various television shows.

From her first modeling jobs and later theater jobs to her leading roles on the small screen, Maribel has proven to be extremely professional in creating entertainment and a lovable human being.

Reason why she has won the hearts of millions, in addition to the fact that she is one of the most charismatic women in the Mexican show, and clearly one of the best preserved.

The Costa Rican has earned since its inception that the public adore her, and it is directly reflected in her official Instagram account where she has more than 6.4 million followers, who day by day keep an eye on her publications.

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In her most recent update to her profile, Guardia showed why she is one of the most elegant women in show business, looking stunning in a black palazzo, with a large leather belt, delicate makeup and large earrings.

Along with the photograph, Maribel Guardia left a very inspiring message, as is customary, the model and actress wrote: “Indifference is a form of laziness, and laziness is one of the symptoms of heartbreak, no one is lazy with what he loves ”ALDOUX HUXLEY. #look @ ♥ ️ blessed day ”.

This publication was quickly filled with likes, surpassing the barrier of 55 thousand red hearts representative of the application, in addition, it won thousands of comments from its fans, who are dedicated to flattering the impressive physical and inner beauty that Maribel has.

And we cannot deny that it is what she wants to wear, the Costa Rican will look phenomenal and will cause the biggest sighs to her faithful fans, who since her beginning in the world of shows have been there to support her in each and every one of your projects.