The absence of tennis competition does not diminish the passion with which we live this sport. The world faces one of the most remarkable challenges in its entire history and does so with the vast majority confined to their home, struggling to contribute in the battle against the coronavirus and trying to take care of himself and his own. On days as difficult as these there is always a loophole to escape thinking and talking about our great hobby: tennis. Diego Jiménez takes over the reins this week, answering really interesting questions. We will not have tennis for several months, but we will always have the treasure of sharing our passion.

Name: Javi. Question: The other day on PDB you published a very interesting article about Martina Hingis. In terms of talent, where would you place it in the history of tennis? Number 1 at 16, about to win the Grand Slam completed at that age, number 1 in both singles and doubles, more than 200 weeks as n1 at 20, after years and years of retirement, he returns to play doubles and also retires as number 1. Not to mention a variety and ease of play, hand, and innate talent that I, personally, have not seen again. Too bad those boos in Paris at just 18 years psychologically depleted her and deprived her of the confidence with which she played. Are you agree? PS: Very follower of your page!

There is no doubt that she has been a special player, an immense talent whose earliness was a double-edged sword. He enlarged her figure in the early stages of her career, but caused media attention to her that was hardly acceptable for a girl her age. She had many problems personal problems, with a stormy marriage, her ex-husband accusing her of having assaulted him and uncovering alleged repeated infidelities of the Swiss. Born competitor, there came a point when it became a broken toy. It seems that he lived in a constant internal struggle between his passion and potential against everything that surrounded tennis. That lost final at Roland Garros 1999 against Graf is the true reflection that at the level of mental consistency something was always missing. What he did on his return to the doubles modality after thirty was brutal. I place it out of the five best in history; Graf, Serena, Navratilova, Evert, Court, King and Seles seem to me well above.

04/02/2020 05:04

It is 23 years since the day in which the Swiss Martina Hingis became, at 16 years and 6 months, the youngest number 1 in history.

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Name: Daniel Mandri Zárate. Question: Good afternoon, is there a possibility that if you resumed tennis by the end of the summer too many tournaments would come together and overlap with each other? Do you think that this could favor lower ranking players who could choose to play a tournament preview or enter it directly? I say this because not all the players with the best ranking will be able to register for all tournaments. Thank you.

We should never get into the situation where big tournaments overlap. It is necessary to have a certain cohesion and to structure a calendar agreed by all possible parties. The Roland Garros thing cannot be repeated, and it is true that there may be specialists on clay that may have in mind right now to give priority to playing in Paris and sacrificing going to the US Open. In my opinion, priority will be given to go ahead with tournaments of Masters 1000 and Grand Slams, but they will not be able to do without the ATP 250 either. We will have to see how the issue is going day by day.

Name: Mateo. Question: Good morning. I wanted to consult for Mats Wilander. A player who has won so much and has extremely similar numbers to Edberg’s. Why do you think sometimes it is not as remembered as it should be?

I agree with you, I think he is the great forgotten in the history of tennis. Perhaps it is because all his successes were concentrated in a few years and his style less attractive than that of his compatriot. What is evident is that Mats was a special player, a born fighter, consistent on the backcourt and capable of winning on hard courts. If he had gone further at Wimbledon and, above all, if he had been able to win the Masters Cup or an Olympic medal, where he never participated, they have somewhat overshadowed an exceptional career. His somewhat more “working-class” style than that of his contemporaries and the concentration of successes between ’82 and ’89 may have diminished the relevance of his career.

Name: Ezekiel. Question: Hi Diego. First I want to congratulate you for your great work, it is a pleasure to always read you everything. I wanted to ask if you think Murray will come back without pain. Watching the documentary RESURFACING seems difficult to me … And if he comes back, do you think he will be able to challenge the greats and opt for great titles? Thank you very much.

Shocking the documentary huh. It is overwhelming what you see of the British’s recovery process and it is impressive to see his love for tennis, the superhuman effort to return and how his title in Antwerp last year was a great miracle. I think that this break could have come in handy for him to fully recover and I consider that a player of his stature, if he finally manages to free himself from the pain, is going to have a couple of years more and can be the protagonist. I do not know if it will give him to win a Grand Slam, but Andy is an unusual competitor, one of those winners who have the intangibles necessary to get out of extreme situations. Full confidence in him, although qualifying that, if he did not succeed, nothing could be reproached. I take this opportunity to attach here some recommendations regarding tennis films and documentaries.

03/21/2020 12:03

We unveil those films and documentaries that no fan should miss and that elevate this sport to a higher status.

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Name: Alberto. Question: Hello, very good PDB! The other day I read that there was the possibility of recovering the canceled tournaments during the months of November and December, and start the 2021 season with little rest. Do you see this option as feasible? How would the racquet professionals take it? Thank you.

It seems to me a logical a priori option, but it would be necessary to establish conversations with tournaments because not all will have full availability to host their respective events in these months. You could only play on indoor court in the northern hemisphere, so perhaps delaying the Davis Cup and the ATP Finals would be the only feasible thing. But of course, concentrating these tournaments, the ATP Cup and the Australian tour with the first Grand Slam of the year in just two months, could be an unbearable burden for tennis players.

Name: Carmen. Question: According to Roger and Novak, the strongest rival in his tennis career has been Nadal, but I wonder which one do you really think is the greatest rival in Nadal’s career? The rivalry between Roger and Rafa is considered by many to be one of the best in history and the best in the last 15 years, however, Novak and Rafa are the tennis players who have faced each other the most in tennis history, in this case with an unfavorable H2H for Nadal. I love Fedal, but I have always thought that the rivalry between Novak and Rafa is quite undervalued in tennis, despite the great tennis duels they have played, so I throw another question, What is, according to your criteria, the best rivalry in both?

I have no doubt that the Djokovic vs Nadal rivalry far exceeds any other, both present and past. 45 games played, full of equality, of alternatives, with the Serb being the one who gave the most feeling of being able to beat the Spanish on clay and forcing Rafa to seek solutions continuously, even desperately. The argument of looking for the reverse to Roger always gave air to Nadal and gives me the feeling that psychologically, the Balearic has always had a little morale for the Swiss, except in that 2017 where Federer was much superior. However, against Novak the Spanish has been overwhelmed on several occasions, establishing tactical approaches with the sole purpose of increasing his options regarding Novak. The block that he has before him on hard court firmly demonstrates that winning the Serbian has been the great challenge in the Spanish career.

01/15/2020 10:01

The Spaniard has not beaten Novak on this surface since 2013 and has chained nine consecutive defeats without winning a single set.

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Name: Héctor. Question: To tell you that you are the best tennis blog in the world. Continue with this sport inertia that characterizes you. My question is the following: Given that the ranking is frozen and that Novak will not add more weeks as number 1 until June, will the weeks within the top ten also be frozen? A greeting.

Exact. Everything is frozen as of March 16. We recall that this decision is based on the total absence of competitions since that day, differing from what happens in December that during that month there are ITF Futures events so the ranking cannot be frozen, since there are players who add points and ascend positions. All the statistics derived from the permanence in a certain place in the ranking are frozen until the resumption of tennis. It is the only decision that could be made.

03/23/2020 09:03

The Serbian will remain with 282 weeks at the top of the classification as the frozen ranking prevents him from adding weeks as number 1.

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Name: Andrés Herrera. Question: Hello PDB, I like what you have been doing for a long time and have this space for the fans. My question is: For a long time many sports commentators have been analyzing what next rivalry a story like Sampras-Agassi and Federer-Nadal could be in these days. It has been concluded after several analyzes and matches that the Tsitsipas-Medvedev rivalry is the next new rivalry in the tennis classics. What do you think of this rivalry? Do they have other names? What do you think of the Thiem-Zverev rivalry ?, the latter has played great games considering that they have won great tournaments. Greetings.

In light of this, I see it essential to clarify that Thiem is a player of another generation to the others mentioned. He is now 26 years old, has been with the elite for years and his maturity and competitive experience is much greater. It has tried to dethrone Big3 for years and has been unable to do so fully, albeit with sporadic wins at major events. Medvedev is 24, but his hatching has been recent and is therefore more similar to what Tsitsipas and Zverev did. The three of them promise a great future rivalry for having very different styles. I think Tsitsipas vs Medvedev will be spectacular for their friction off the court and the very different ways of understanding tennis and life. However, in my opinion the two best players and that I think will be more successful will be Thiem and Tsitsipas.

04/01/2020 09:04

We analyze the peculiar face to face that Medvedev, Tsitsipas and Zverev present to each other, three of the men called to dominate in the medium term.

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Name: Diana. Question: I always had the question, how is a player who manages to access that tournament coming from the qualy in the main draw of any tournament (Grand Slam, Master 1000, ATP 250/500)? Is it by lottery too? Thank you. Greetings PdB.

Exactly, it goes by lottery. In the draw for the main table, some spaces are left to be filled with those that come out unscathed from the previous phase. When it ends, there is an internal draw that determines its position in the box. Yes, there is a different criterion in terms of lucky losers, with some tournaments generating a draw to see who enters and others establishing it by ranking.

Name: Mateo. Question: What do you consider to be the worst number 1 in history? Without the desire to generate controversy, just a subjective game!

Well, I’m not going to be very original. In my opinion Patrick Rafter has been the worst. He has only registered a week in that position so I have not risked much, but I see tennis players like Moyà, Muster, Ríos or Kafelnikov at a higher level. Some will be tempted to say that it has been Hewitt, who does not enjoy a very good press in some sectors, but someone who has been there for 75 consecutive weeks and 80 in total, with that competitive eagerness and being such an early talent, enjoys everything. my recognition.

Name: Raúl. Question: Hello everyone, first of all, I would like to congratulate you on this section of the forum, it is one of the best. I would like to ask you about the junior circuit, who were the most outstanding players who could no longer succeed in the same way on the ATP circuit and what do you think are the reasons why they did not stand out in the same way? Likewise, if any player achieved the Grand Slam on the junior circuit. Greetings.

The Grand Slams juniors have been held since 1977. Reviewing the list of winners we have found juicy surprises that deserve an article because there are great stars who could not capture their potential on a potential level. Clément Morel, Julien Jeanpierre or Daniel Elsner are just a few of those who triumphed in this category and were unable to do so at a professional level. In line with this, we recently wrote an article referring to the champions of Europe under 16, where we analyzed how many of them had managed to set a good race and how many had stayed on the road, even being deprived of playing at a professional level. , but we will delve into the aspect of juniors.

07/25/2018 10:07

We review the list of historical winners of a tournament in which the 15-year-old from Murcia has won the title and continues to amaze.

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