Tennis is still standing, but de-escalation only increases the enthusiasm and hopes of all fans. In the midst of the maelstrom over the debate about whether any more Grand Slam can be played this season due to the coronavirus And taking advantage to recall legendary encounters that have cemented the history of the sport, our readers continue to turn to send us interesting questions that open debates and allow us to reflect on various issues. Diego Jiménez takes over the reins this week.

Name: Gabriel. Question: First of all, I congratulate you on the page, which is very complete and updated. Regarding my question, which is focused on the field of tennis fiction, I would like to know what the finals of the 4 most powerful Grand Slam would be for you among Open Era players of different generations and their peak performance. For example, a final of the Australian Open between Laver of 69 ‘vs Djokovic 15’. Cheers!

Umm, this game is very interesting. Let’s see. I totally buy the one you propose. Rod Laver of 1969 and Novak Djokovic of 2015 would be the final dreamed in Melbourne. In Paris, I would choose a duel between the 1978 Björn Borg and the 2010 Rafael Nadal. At Wimbledon, I would choose a 2006 Roger Federer against 1995 Pete Sampras. And at the US Open, I would choose the 1984 John McEnroe. against André Agassi from 1999. I leave in the ink the best version of Lendl, which would have a place in almost any tournament, and that of Mats Wilander, which I could place at Roland Garros. Stefan Edberg could also star in a legendary final at Wimbledon.

Name: Carmen. Question: Hello PDB! A couple of weeks ago the ATP uploaded a post asking fans what they considered to be the best Master 1000 final ever. In the image they uploaded appeared the final of Rome 2005 and 2006, the final of IW of 2018 or the one of Shanghai 2012 among options to choose from and the option to comment on other finals that fans considered better. I found it quite interesting so here goes the question, what would be your top 5 best Master 1000 finals since they started to be played in the 90’s?

I would choose the Courier vs. Agassi from Indian Wells 1991, the Guy Forget vs. Pete Sampras from Paris 1991, the Marcelo Ríos vs. Greg Rusedksi from Indian Wells 1998, and the Marat Safin vs. Mark Philipoussis from Paris 2000. After that I would be in full swing. in the 21st century with, Nadal vs Coria in Rome 2005, Nadal vs Ljubicic in Madrid 2005, Nadal vs Federer in Rome 2006. Already in the era when the best of three sets are played, Djokovic vs Federer Montreal 2007 was remarkable, as well as Djokovic vs Nadal in Miamia 2011 and Djokovic vs Murray Shanghai 2012. Del Potro vs Federer Indian Wells 2018 seemed impressive to me too.

Name: Alberto. Question: Hello, very good PDB! For you, who have been the best ATP players on clay over the last 5-6 years? Would you dare to create a ranking with the best 5 or 10 players? Thank you.

Obviously, Nadal’s case overshadows everything. It is undoubtedly the best in history. Regarding the last five years, it is clear to me that Dominic Thiem is an impressive player and will reap great successes on this surface in the coming years. Of course, Novak Djokovic is a great player in clay, Stan Wawrinka has shown great things and Diego Schwartzman I think he is an impressive tennis player in clay. If I had to make a ranking, I would add Roger Federer to that top-5, as much as he has played little lately, but I think he must be among the best in history on this surface. Fabio Fognini and Christian Garín raise their benefits by playing on the ground as well.

Where do we place Federer among the best in clay court history?

05/28/2020 11:05

Despite having only one Roland Garros, could we put Roger among the 10 best in history on earth? We debated it.

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Name: Giancarlo Question: Do you think that if Roger did not stumble against Safin in the Australian semifinals in 2005 and against Nalbandian in the final of the Masters, because they were stumbles, it would be Roger’s best season and, what’s more, the best tennis season in history? His win-loss record would be 84-2 because he would indeed win Australia that year and I clarify that I don’t count his losses on the ground.

Well, notice that I liked the 2006 Roger more, which ended with a balance of 92-5, than the 2005 one, which was 81-4 at the end of the year. I have no doubts that the best version of the Swiss was seen in those two seasons, in addition to that magical 2017. Losing with Nalbandián in the final of the Masters and in the tiebreak of the fifth is no stumbling block. If I think it was surprising that he fell to Gasquet in Monte Carlo and that of Safín … The Russian played a splendid game. Instead, in 2006, only two players could beat him: Nadal and Murray. It was the best version of the Swiss according to his rival, Roddick. That year I consider it one of the best in history. As a historical clarification, to tell you that there is a season with an incredible record on the ATP circuit, which is, even today, the best in history. It’s the 82-3 that John McEnroe harvested in 1989.


05/14/2020 10:05

The American described how it felt to play against the Swiss in that season in which he finished with 92 wins and 5 losses.

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Name: Álvaro González Question: What do you think about the Indian Express? (Paes and Buphati) Do you think that without their fights they could have been among the best pairs in history near the Bryans?

Definitely. It was impressive how they complemented each other, they fulfilled the maxim of having one that the other lacked, and vice versa. A pity that their relationship was so eroded because they could have made history for Indian tennis and promote a hatching of this sport in their country. I do not know if they had reached the level of the Bryan, because honestly that seems to me from another planet, but they would have gotten between 3 best couples in the history of tennis.

Name: Antonio Marín Alcántara. Question: Greetings tennis family. There are many federations of countries that in these weeks are going to organize national tennis tournaments. With the possibility of the Roland Garros 2020 edition being played in late September, should all these national tournaments be played on clay in preparation for that Grand Slam?

Well that’s the idea, although the uncertainty of not knowing if the US Open will be held means that many federations have not totally opted for clay as a surface. There are many rumors that talk about canceling the US tour to focus entirely on a tour on clay, which included the tournaments of Madrid and Rome, so these previous exhibition events would be important to get that tour in full shape . We will have to be attentive to the news. On June 15 all the details will be known, it seems.

Name: Alejandro. Question: What do you think of the “let” rule in the service? Should it be left as it is or should it be modified, giving way to the point being followed as if it were any other blow? Thank you.

They have been testing this for years in Futures tournaments and the change is not convincing. We are also seeing it in the NextGen Finals and, in my personal opinion, the Let must be maintained. The game is distorted too much with a serve that touches the net, I think there is no need to do that and neither does it gain so much in spectacularity, as it loses in concentration by the players and difficult situations to assume. Imagine a match point from a Grand Slam final resolved by a serve that touches the net and enters. In game it is already different, it is an option that cannot be stopped, the player is active, dynamic and ready to move to any side of the court, but on the serve it would not be logical to suppress the Let.

Name: Andrés Herrera. Question: Hello PDB. There has been a lot of debate about who has had the best reverse on one hand, but we always apply the question to men. Why not apply the same question to women? Which players in the history of tennis have had a better hand backhand? Why do most women tennis players play double-handed and not one-handed? Currently at this time I have not seen any player playing a hand. Which players on the current WTA circuit play the reverse to one hand? Greetings from Colombia, they do an excellent job.

We recently talked about this on the web, warning that this hit is in danger of extinction on the WTA circuit. Only two of the top-100 use it and 12 among the 300 in the world; Worrying situation. The speed at which it is played has increased a lot, the hitting schools dominate, the large and incisive women, while alternatives to that style, such as Halep or Kerber, need both hands to counter the power of the blows of their rivals. Carla Suárez is the great exponent of the reverse to a hand in the last five years; he performs it with impressive beauty and plasticity. Also in the 21st century, Amelie Mauresmo and Justine Henin raised the reverse one hand to higher status. The Belgian one is, for me, the best in recent history.

The reverse to one hand, endangered among women

04/22/2020 11:04

Only two top-100 players use this shot that is more threatened than ever on the WTA circuit, with few young people using it.

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Name: Brunildo. Question: Good morning. First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your good work. I have two questions for today. Here they go: 1. Do you think that the physical state is affecting Sloane Stephens more than necessary, or do you think that it is only a mentality problem? 2. How do you select the editors of your website, and how do you organize yourself? Regards.

It is a good question. The truth is that the hangover of success came with everything, he accused the media attention, gained some weight and had serious doubts with the changes of coach. That tidal wave of bad decisions and irregularity has led him to lose the magic that he displayed in 2018, especially. In any case, you have time to recover your best version, I just need some nutritional and mental order, as well as better advice from your environment. As for the selection of editors, we have a solid team that has been rolling together for years, adding additions to well-known people who inspire confidence in us and who have already proven their worth in some other medium. We organize ourselves by time slots in which to attend news and write our news, having a permanent communication channel and a secret in the form of an online platform to organize tasks, which allows us to have a real news radar and propose our own topics.

Name: Cucurella. Question: Do you think that if another Grand Slam is played this year, there will be players who reconsider the position of continuing for another year, and decide to retire at the end of this season? Thank you, and to continue with the page.

Well, it’s a great question, but I think only the protagonists can answer it. The case of Carla Suárez, for example, especially worries us because she is a player who deserves to say goodbye on a crowded court in her country. I think that even if a Grand Slam was played, the season would be far from normal, so everyone who wants to retire should do so in a context of the usual season.

Name: Giancarlo Question: What was the RG final where Roger had the best chance to win, 2007, where he had 18 break points and with the confidence to beat him in Hamburg, or in 2011, where most of the sets reached the limit? Roger came from beating the best Nole ever seen and did not win the first set due to, in my opinion, a referee’s failure to validate his set point to win 6-2.

Both in 2006 and 2007 he played good games, I don’t think Roger can reproach himself very much in those duels against Rafa. Although for me, the highest quality match was in 2011. That third round that the Spanish won was decisive and the story could have been different if a few points had fallen on the side of Federer. The Helvetian’s trajectory deserves a good review because he has had spectacular moments at Roland Garros.

Federer's 10 unforgettable moments at Roland Garros

05/27/2020 10:05

We review the most notable episodes that the Swiss have lived in a tournament with which he maintains a love-hate relationship in his performance.

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