Despite the suspension of all tennis due to coronavirus, news and announcements continue to flow. Tennis news does not stop and, consequently, it cannot stop our activity in the Podcast. We sat at the table to analyze everything that has happened this week, placing special emphasis on the decision made by Wimbledon and posing an important debate: what should happen to the ranking and the weeks as number one?

First, the attention of our voices is turned to the All England Tennis Club. We will have no action there this 2020: Wimbledon announced that the 2020 edition is suspended, leaving no room for doubt or postponement as it did, for example, Roland Garros. In this sense, Alejandro Arroyo does not hesitate to describe this decision as “a turning point”, both with regard to what happens in the remainder of the season and when it comes to raising debates about the distribution of the calendar.

That said, Wimbledon has made a decision “in an elegant way, followed by joint communications from the ATP and WTA, and not unilaterally as Roland Garros did.” Putting this situation on the table, does the communication taken by the London Major to the Parisian Grand Slam leave bad? Carlos Coll cites the economic issue as an urgent reason for the decision to play the tournament to go ahead, while Fernando Murciego praises the solvency and elegance when making his (“required”) decision by Wimbledon, a ” example to follow “for other tournaments.

Rubén Pérez also tells us about the main victims of this suspension, going to a WTA circuit full of uncertainties. Among the names mentioned are Ashleigh Barty or Marketa Vondrousova, who will not be able to defend their great performances on Parisian clay in 2019 in the stipulated period.

In our second block of debate we focus our attention on the decision made by the ATP to freeze ranking, thus not giving validity to the weeks that Djokovic passes at the top of the classification. Is this the correct decision? What other alternatives could exist? We analyze all this in depth in our program, with different opposing positions making an appearance in our debate.

If the previous editions were to your liking, we bring you a program loaded with pure tennis. Half an hour where the news makes an appearance and we hope you enjoy.

All yours!