Not every day you have an exceptional guest. However, in Puntodebreak we can congratulate ourselves that nothing more and nothing less than Javier Frana, one of the voices of tennis in Latin America after more than 21 years of comments for ESPN.

Many will know him for that facet, that of commentator, forming a duo with Luis Alfredo Álvarez or Juan Szafrán, but Javier was a renowned tennis player. In his 14-year career, the Argentine won an Olympic medal in Barcelona’92, conquered the title of Roland Garros in the mixed doubles category and reached a Wimbledon doubles final alongside Mexican Leo Lavalle. In singles he became top-30 and can boast of being the only Argentine tennis player, along with Guillermo Vilas, in conquer an ATP title on the three main surfaces: clay, hard court and grass.

José Morón, Alejandro Arroyo and a server began a calm and pleasant chat in which Javier explained his new adventure in great detail: a sports podcast with Álex Corretja, Uploaded to The Network. “With Álex we made it very clear that the podcast is for having a good time, having pleasant talks without being subject to the times of television, telling stories of athletes. That those conversations, when you are in a place chatting with colleagues and you think “this should be recorded”, come to be captured. Talk to people who are natural “.

The first installment of this podcast was very well received, but its birth comes from the departure of Frana from ESPN, his home for more than 21 years. The native of Rafaela also spoke about her, showing her dismay and surprise at the new conditions ESPN was planning, “which were not enough for more,” according to him.

We also chatted about his new professional adventure: Frana collaborates with the Austrian Jurij Rodionov, one of the fittest players in this 2020 that started the season with 2 titles on the Challenger circuit. The Argentine told how this new tandem was born: “It came from the hand of Wolfgang Thiem, Dominic’s father. He had started helping Jurij, who had been a very good junior, among the first in the world, but who was somewhat stagnant. Wolfgang He consulted with Massú if he knew an experienced coach who could help him get Jurij on the road. He called me, I was just out of the previous job, he gave me a small diagnosis of the player and it turned out to be an incredible experience. ” We also chatted about how the situation of the circuit, through coronavirus, has cut the great moment of form of his pupil.

Throughout the 40-minute program Frana also left us invaluable anecdotes from within the circuit, he shared his most special moments as a player (including being an Olympic medalist in Barcelona’92) and spoke of the differences between grass courts in his time compared to today. All this without forgetting to tell us his incredible history of overcoming after some ear problems that forced his withdrawal and that were also associated with complications in the childhood of his son Lucas. In short, many valuable moments that, hopefully, you can enjoy with pleasure in the second installment of our podcast.

All yours!