Pumas: Marco García’s case is reopened and there could be an arrest warrant

A little over a year has passed since the case of harassment by the youth squad from Pumas, Marco García, of itzel ‘N’ was revealed. The player was injured some time later and had to undergo surgery, for which he was out of the courts for several weeks.

Despite the fact that the case has lost reflectors, according to the column of ‘El Francotirador’, it is about to be reopened, since, the source indicates that the defender of the victim found some irregularities during this time in which the courts were closed for the issue of the pandemic.

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The lawyer filed a complaint with the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office, learning that some officials who were handling the case had lost García’s file. The authorities, indeed, found guilty and already fired the people who manipulated the file.

“The defense of Itzel ‘N’ filed a complaint with the CDMX Attorney General’s Office and it turned out that the officials had made the case against Marco, and that they had not even delivered the corresponding citations.”

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The column ensures that the case is on fire, since they are about to reopen, there is even talk that they could issue an order for both presentation and arrest. It must be remembered that a few days ago, it was said that García was about to return to the first team due to his good performances with Pumas Tabasco.

“So now hold on, because the case has been reopened and they are about to issue orders for presentation, and they even assure me of arrest. Let justice be done ”.