Pumas: Marco García would have his rematch in Liga MX

The Pumas are not going through their best moment, the result against the Pachuca Club failed to please the fans, who have realized that the operation is not optimal, being Favio Alvarez placeholder image, one of the most noted players throughout the tournament.

Álvarez’s actions have generated criticism from the fans and the media; however, this could change for the final stretch of the tournament. According to the column of SanCadilla, it is likely that we will see in the future, the return of the young man Marco Garcia.

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Garcia has been out of the spotlight since his knee injury and the bullying issue. The source points out that the directive continues to see him as an asset, and given the change he has experienced in recent years, the ‘dwarf’ could have his revenge in the MX League.

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The midfielder who debuted Míchel González a year ago has become one of the benchmarks in Pumas Tabasco, where he has scored three goals in five games. He is beginning to regain the level he showed in his first games, which could be the solution Lillini is looking for in midfield.