Puma walking through the streets of San Francisco lights alerts in the city

15 minutes. The authorities of San Francisco (California, USA) alerted residents on Wednesday to the presence of a cougar sighted on several occasions during the last hours walking freely through the streets of the city.

“If you come across the cougar, try to pretend that you are as big as possible. Do not turn your back, protect the children and do not run“City Councilor Hillary Ronen posted on her Twitter account.

The animal was spotted in the residential neighborhood of Bernal Heights. There the security cameras of several homes have captured him prowling through gardens and alleys, especially at night.

For their part, the Department of Parks and Recreation and the San Francisco Animal Care and Control Agency posted warning messages in the neighborhood and increased the presence of personnel in the area.

Even so, they assure that the most probable thing is that the puma returned or is returning to the mountainous area south of San Francisco.

Cougars, who normally avoid contact with humans as much as possible, live in the vicinity of this city. However, historically it had been very unusual for them to enter its streets.

However, in recent times the sightings of these big cats have been a little frequent due to the chronic dry conditions that California lives, which prompts them to go to residential areas in search of water and food.

According to the US National Park Service, if an encounter with a cougar occurs, keep calm and try to intimidate him pretending to be as big as possible (wearing jackets and other clothing, for example) and raising your voice.

In no case should you turn your back to the feline, crouch or run, as the puma would identify the human as a prey and could attack him.

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